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Libya War New Round-Up: Gaddafi Is a Peado And We’re Running Out Of Pilots

LIBYA – war with Gaddafi: Anorak’s look at story in the news:


The House of Commons endorsed the action by a margin of 557 to 13 after the Prime Minister reassured them: “This is not going to be another Iraq.”

The front pages:

i: A licence to Kill Gaddafi?

Killing the leader of foreign country becomes matter of public debate.

The Independent: “The Disunited nations”

The Times: “Gaddafi uses human shields to foil attacks”

Daily Star: “Gadddafi’s human shelf of kids”

This is equipped with photo of Gaddafi stood behind two children, who are each holding what looks like a new toy. Tomorrow, look out for allegations that Gaddafi is a paedo, Muslim, gypsy, Asbo, benefits cheating scumbag. He’ll be wearing a Burberry baseball cap, wearing Argo gems and holding an angry dog on lead in the park by Friday.

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