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Belle Gibson doesn’t have cancer: magnetic therapists can be wrong

belle gibson


Belle Gibson does not have brain cancer. She never did. Belle Gibson is a “wellness blogger” who is very well indeed.

Gibson launched a global “lifestyle and wellness” business on the back of claims that her brain tumour was cured by natural therapies and vegetables. Now she says:

In an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly, Ms Gibson was asked if she had, or ever had cancer. “No. None of it’s true,” she told the magazine.

So. What about the money she’s earned? Says Belle:

“I don’t want forgiveness. I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘OK, she’s human.’”

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Man comes up with fabulous excuse for being with a prostitute

tom sex

IMAGINE, for a minute, you’re caught with a prostitute. You suddenly need an excuse and your brain kicks into gear. What would you say? ‘Actually, I’m conducting a questionnaire about sex-workers for a national newspaper and there’s nothing funny going on here.’ Or maybe ‘I hear a female voice in distress and came to see what the noise was about… and there’s nothing funny going on here’.

Or even: ‘I thought it was Russell Howard, so obviously, there’s absolutely nothing bordering on funny going on here’.

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Honesty in journalism: Lucy Yang is trapped by flood waters

HONESTY in journalism: Lucy Yang is trapped by flooding in New Jersey:

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Crystal Harris Is A Massive Liar Says Hugh ‘Rubbish In Bed’ Hefner

SURPRISED as you were about Crystal Harris dumping Hugh Hefner days before their wedding, there was always something vaguely odd about their relationship. Maybe it was the fact Hef was this famous guy and she came from nowhere. Maybe it was the 3025 year age gap?

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Bird Of Prey Cloner Jessie J Wishes That The Press Would Stop Making Things Up About Her And Her 60ft Long Chin Made From Bricks

YOU have to be rather impressed with Jessie J’s career thus far. She’s managed to cram and entire pop lifespan into a matter of months, already suffering from a gaping backlash that normally befalls artists who have been around for decades.

She was reasonably well received initially, before turning into an overnight hate-figure simply by existing. You’ve heard her histrionics right? God. Doesn’t it make you want to punch her in the throat (figuratively speaking of course, we don’t condone punching people in the throat here)?

Not that she has a throat.

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Larry King: These Documents Claim He Pretends, Lies, Misleads And Two-Times (Pictures)

LARRY King, Shawn Southwick King and Rama King are in the news. Talkshow host Larry King confesses: “I lie – pretend – mislead… I will have 2 or more women going at the same time.” Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

Clearly, Larry King has issues with women.

After all, less than two weeks ago, he and Wife Number Six, Shawn Southwick King, engaged in a race to see who could get to the courthouse first to file for divorce, each reportedly accusing the other of certain extramarital activities.


And based on documents obtained exclusively by Our Man in LA, Larry is his own toughest critic when it comes to the way he handles intimate relationships. (These documents seem to be authentic. But King or his poeple have yet to comment on their veracity.)

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