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Lily Allen’s Heart Stopped At Farmer Karl’s Chanel Show

7896698LILY Allen would like Grazia readers to know that “finally I feel beautiful”.

We join Lily as she looks at herself in a compact mirror, applies lipstick to her lips – on her face (this is no daring critique on the fashion industry) – and tells us about the moment she arrives in the Chanel barn with that Farmer Karl and his bevy of clothes horses made from actual people:

“When I came out of the hole in the stage, my heart stopped.”

Thankfully, Lily can do her routine in her coma, and neither Prince nor Rihanna, nor indeed any of the great and good that come to watch the bucolic splendour of a city farm where the cows go Miu Miu, the cats go “Mwwwwa” and the birds go “I’m a mo-del, singer actress bored of boys my own age…”

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Posted: 13th, October 2009 | In: Grazia | Comment