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Deep Throat star Harry Reems dies

harry reems

RIP Harry Reems, the accidental porn star. (Although nominative determinism might have played a part. (He was born Herbert Streicher)) Reems starred in the 1973 skin flick  Deep Throat, the film that made a star of Linda Lovelace (she acted as if her clitoris was located in her throat). He was 65.

Reems’ friend Don Schenk writes

Harry, whose given name was Herbert Streicher, was thrust into infamy in 1972 when he stared in “Deep Throat,” the first adult film made for wide screen, but because he was a union actor with a Screen Actors Guild card, the film’s producers had to create a new name for him.

The funny thing is Harry was not even supposed to be in the film. He was hired to handle the lighting. Writer/Director Gerard Damiano ran into a casting issue when the fellow hired to play the lead part didn’t show up. Harry was thrust into the job, for which he was paid only $250.

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Amanda Seyfried reveals all as Lovelace (photos)

THE role of Linda Lovelace, the starring role in new biopic Lovelace, was initially supposed to go to Lindsay Lohan, but alas, she has all those ‘legal woes’ shall we say? As such, she was pulled from the project, opening the door for Amanda Seyfried.

And now, we’ve all got the chance to look at the actress in a state of undress as she plays the centre of everyone’s attention from one of the most notorious films ever made – Deep Throat. Appearing in little more than a bright red bra, we have to assume that she’ll be showing a lot more in Lovelace. Emotionally we mean. Of course we mean that. It isn’t our fault you’ve got a dirty mind.

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Porn Job ‘Terrifies’ Amanda Seyfried: The Linda Lovelace Crymax

WHEN Lindsay Lohan got the chop from the Linda Lovelace biopic for being a big, tragic mess, everyone wondered who would take her gig. That’s because everyone wants to watch a film about porn because it’s likely to feature a lot of sex-scenes but the lighting will be much better than the grot you watch online.

Don’t pretend you don’t.

Anyway, LiLo’s Mean Girls co-star – Amanda Seyfried – has got the job and she’s pretty frightened about the whole Deep Throat thing.

Amanda told “It’s going to be really hard and kind of terrifying at the same time.”

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