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Lindsay Lohan’s Lying Mum Dina Never Brought Her Up To Lie

LINDSAY Lohan, on trial for felony grand theft, takes to Twitter to tells us that you can blame God but do not blame her mum and dad:

“Was on the phone with my sister & this movie Greenberg is on, i heard my voice which was odd- and ryhs ifans is watching Just My Luck in the movie- made me laugh.. i just want to be on set again, and left alone to just work! fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal… also, what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it’s just absurd. god bless xox L”

Hey, God does his own blessing. Unless the Lord of Creation is taking time out from Lohan’s jewellery case and picking out her outfit to write some Twitter stuff.

But what about Liohan’s claim abut mum setting a good example and not lying or stealing?

The elder Lohan said she sometimes introduces herself as her daughter’s personal assistant. She even once lied about her identity to George Clooney.

“I don’t want them to know I’m her mom,” she said. “It’s a whole ‘nother demographic. People just go dark.”

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