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Lisa Irwin: Trick Or Treat And John Picerno

LISA Irwin is occupying minds on the Forum:

Anorakaren: Still no sign of her but they’re watching the family. As one report informs:

Brothers Of Missing Baby Go Trick-Or-Treating

They go trick or treating with the cameras form ABC’s “Good Morning America” in tow. 

So, from what I’ve read before, the mother won’t let police interview the boys because it would be too upsetting (then she agreed, then cancelled…)but she’s fine letting a camera crew follow them around?

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Lisa Irwin: Deborah Bradley Was Drunk

LISA Irwin: The child’s mother, Deborah Bradley, is on the media circuit. Why? To keep the story high on the news cycle and people looking for her daughter. No other reason?

She’s on told NBC’s Today. She says that on the night her child banished she had been drinking. She had consumed “enough to be drunk”.

She says she doesn’t “think alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that“.

She’s adds:

“If they arrest me, people are going to stop looking for her and then I’ll never see her again.”

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Lisa Irwin: Did A Fat Policeman Steal The Missouri Babe?

LISA Irwin: Anorak’s look at the missing child in the news. Can the local police look as clueless and kak-handed as the Oregon police hunting Kyron Horman? They can try.

Police in Kasas City, Missouri have staged a re-enactment of the night that the 10 month-old went missing from her cot, taken, as the parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin claim, by an intruder who gained access through an unlocked bedroom window.

The Daily Mail tells it like this:

A police re-enactment in the Baby Lisa case today raised scepticism about her parents’ claims that the child was plucked from her crib by an unknown abductor in the middle of the night.

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Lisa Irwin: The Mother, The Witness, The Police And Barney The Dinosaur

LISA Irwin is missing: The 10-month old child was kidnapped from her cot by an intruder on Monday 4th October 2011. Lisa Irwin is blonde and blue eyed.

The child’s parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, have held a press conference.

Bradley golds a purple Barney doll. He cries. He says: “We just want our baby back.”

The police have no suspects. The police have no clues.

The Case

The Huffinton Post: “Lisa Irwin Missing: Parents Of Missouri Baby Stop Cooperating”

At an evening news conference, Kansas City police spokesman Steve Young said Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley stopped cooperating with authorities Thursday. The couple had been working with police since the disappearance of their daughter, Lisa, who the parents say was snatched from her crib sometime late Monday or early Tuesday. “Tonight, they decided to stop talking to detectives, and I don’t have to illustrate how that affects the investigation. That speaks for itself,” Young said.

Doesn’t saying nothing say nothing?

Relatives of the couple later called their own news conference, where a sister of Irwin read a statement saying “we have never stopped cooperating with police. We’ve been cooperative from day one, and we continue to assist the police with the investigation”.

Some facts

During a tearful news conference Thursday morning, Irwin and Bradley had described how they frantically searched their home for any sign of their daughter after her father came home from work early Tuesday and she wasn’t in her crib. They said they found an open window, an unlocked front door and house lights blazing, and later discovered that their three cellphones were gone.

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