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The troubling story of Lisa Miller and the anti-gay Mennonite church

SAME-sex unions are big news. The Rev. Kenneth Miller 46, a Mennonite from Stuarts Draft, Va., has been found guilty of helping Lisa Miller (no relation) leave the USA in September 2009. Rev. Kenneth Miller has been found guilty of aiding in international kidnapping.

Miller and Jenkins had joined in a Vermont civil union in 2000. In 2002, Isabella was born through artificial insemination. The couple split in 2003. Lisa Miller got custody. Jenkins got visitation rights. Lisa Miller turned her back on her homosexuality. She turned to the Church, becoming a Baptist, then a Mennonite. She refused to let Jenkins see their child. This was in breach of the court.

In August 2009, a judge indicated that unless Lisa Miller comply he would turn custody of the girl over to Jenkins. Preparation swere made for Jenkins to take full custody.

Lisa Miller took Isabella and fled to Nicaragua.

Life Site News reports:

Nicaraguan Mennonites say that they have been persecuted by government authorities since they chose to shelter ex-lesbian Lisa Miller and her daughter Isabella following their escape from the United States, but add that they are willing to suffer and even die to protect Isabella from a court-ordered custody transfer to her non-biological lesbian “mother” [Janet Jenkins].

…The letter of the Nicaragua Brotherhood does not specify which Nicaraguan Menonite churches are represented. Although its publication date is given as February of this year, it appears not to have been distributed outside of Mennonite circles. It was quoted in May in the Mennonite World Review, and was quoted in Jenkins’ lawsuit.

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