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Patrick Swayze’s Cancer Diary, The Time Of My Life

pa-4228594PATRICK Swayze is dead and the memorabilia industry is doing brisk trade. Anorak’s Man in LA looks at the Swayze memoirs, now available in book form as The Time Of My Life by Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi.

When Patrick Swayze died, Simon & Schuster happened to be planning to publish the memoirs he wrote with his wife Lisa Niemi on September 29th. With the publication date still a “go”– and with the timing, why wouldn’t it be?– the British tabloids are running excerpts, and with lines like “Chemotherapy was hell on wheels,” it’s brutal, honest and tough going:

FIGHTING cancer has been the most challenging and eye-opening experience I have ever had. It has sent me on an emotional journey deeper than anything I’ve felt before. Facing your own mortality is the quickest way possible to find out what you’re made of. It strips away all the bullshit and exposes every part of you – your strengths and weaknesses, your sense of self. Your soul.

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Posted: 21st, September 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comments (5)