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The Arsenal star and Little Mix singer’s secret dates at The Emirates

The Sun has news that Perrie Edwards, a singer with X-Factor products Little Mix, has been on “dates” with Arsenal footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Apparently, she watched Arsenal play Spurs from Alex’s “personal box at the Emirates’ Stadium”. Perrie sat in the wingback seats at the Emirates library after browsing the club shop.

We then learn that Perrie is “keen to keep the relationship quiet”.  An unnamed source hammers this point hime by opining in the national tabloid: “They don’t follow each other on social media as they know a connection might give the game away.”

Better to sit in the player’s own box amid 60,000 other souls at a televised football match to keep it on the hush-hush.

PS: This is how the Sun followed up its scoop:


Oxlade-Chamberlain Perrie Edwards


Rose Hill writes:

LITTLE Mix’s Perrie Edwards showed that she was fully over her ex Luke Pasqualino – by wearing her new man’s team colours as she hit the stage in Italy.

Here’s the replica Arsenal strip Perrie wore:

Oxlade-Chamberlain Perrie Edwards


Arsenal play in red and white. Edwards is wearing red and black.

Such are the facts.

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Little Mix’s Cannonball doesn’t sell many records

UNSURPRISINGLY, Little Mix’s cover of the Damien Rice track Cannonball is the lowest-selling single from an X Factor winner since 2004. Why is that unsurprising? Well, in the first instance, Little Mix’s Cannonball is one of the worst excuses for a piece of music ever committed to wax and, secondly, everyone kinda wants a new girlgroup to release something uptempo as a first track.

Girls Aloud got Sound Of The Underground. Little Mix got a song that contains despairingly woeful lyrics. 2011 has been a gloomy, gloomy year – the last thing you want someone to sing to you is

The four-piece girl band, who triumphed in the final of the reality show earlier this month (December 11), claimed the Number One spot in the Official UK Singles Chart last night (December 18) and outsold the rest of the Top Five put together.

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Jesy Nelson’s brother Johnny in cocaine sting: Little Mix star attacked

JESY Nelson’s brother has, allegedly, sold cocaine to a reporter. (Well, it is Christmas in Wapping.) The Sun’s front-page news is that Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson’s brother Johnny Nelson, sold the Sun’s reporter “Class A drug cocaine from his Smart car“, allegedly. Not a bicycle. Not a BMW 3 series with blacked out windows and furry dice. A Smart Car. The Sun is damning in the details.

And do not doubt that it is damning. As the Sun says:

Our probe will be a blow to Jesy, 20, and Little Mix who are proud of a squeaky-clean image.

Image? What image? The X Factor winners Little Mix look like four extra from Lord of Rings. The apparent blow to Little Mix is that the tuneless foursome are front-page news.

Teetotal Jesy and X Factor-winning bandmates Perrie Edwards, 18, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 19, and Jade Thirlwall, 18, have made a stand against drugs and booze.

How? By not shagging Frankie Cocozza?

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Little Mix Single Cannonball is lead balloon music

THE X-Factor was awful, a joyless parade of sobbing bores and bewildering mediocrity. And that was just the judges. Dermot O’Leary still looks like man waiting for the main presenter to arrive.

Mushed together foursome Little Mix won and have released their obligatory debut single in time for Christmas.

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X Factor WInners Little Mix Leaves With Unarmed Man: Photos

LITTLE Mix Win the Factor – the Press Association produces the caption of 2012:

(Left to right) Jade Thirwell, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson of X Factor 2011 winners Little Mix leave the London Studios in London with an unarmed man, after becoming the first girl band to take the X Factor title.

Is it a typo, or do the male escorts get more weapons when the girls get more famous? Rumour has it that Kelly Rowland has a ICBM…


Picture 1 of 6

Jade Thirwell of X Factor 2011 winners Little Mix leaves the London Studios in London, after becoming the first girl band to take the X Factor title.

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X Factor Winners Little Mix Need Tulisa To Make The Spice Girls Cry

LITTLE Mix have won the X Factor. To them the chance to record great pop music. Or as the Sun screams from its front page:

“£8m Mega Mix – Girls beat Marcus to set up huge payday”

Colin Robertson is all about the money:

And they are set to rake in millions…

…the girls were last night set to earn a staggering £8MILLION from megabucks commercial deals. Their record deal advance of around £150,000 will be dwarfed by lucrative contracts with major brand names. The cute foursome are viewed as “a marketer’s dream” and have a string of offers on the table already.

They include haircare products, clothing manufacturers, beauty firms and corporate gigs earning £50,000 a time.

They will also make a fortune in the US as Cowell pushes ahead with his dream of getting them into the big time.

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