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The Liz Brewer Interview: Socialite Trainer Is Concerned By Twitter And ‘Chezza Cole’

LIZ Brewer is a living legend – and you’re just very sad if you’ve never heard of her. For decades she has graced many cities of the world with the glitteriest parties and media-friendly stunts on behalf of her royal, high society, celebrity and corporate clientele.

In recent times TV broadened her fame with Ladette to Lady on which, as ‘Etiquette and Social Protocol Teacher’, she sought to turn ‘innit’-spewing chavs into presentable princesses who held their table knives not as pens. Liz now has a new book out (details below), a trove of wisdom and instruction on good manners and social form. Madame Arcati caught up with her….

Liz Brewer! Party planner extraordinaire! Someone once described you as Krug on legs. You party-plan for Ivana Trump, Dame Shirley Bassey, London mayor Boris Johnson and many others, don’t you? And who else? (Is it just party planning?)

Actually it was the front cover of one of the Sunday mags that described me as ‘Fizzy Liz Krug on legs’!*You have an amazing memory! At the time I was Ambassador for Krug and Remy Krug was a good friend. Now I am the Roving Ambassador of Laurent-Perrier who have flown me a number of times to their impressive Chateau Levois. On one occasion to be presented with the honour of being made a Dame Chevalier de Champagne for L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne. (And Dame Shirley Bassey received the title of Dame d’Honneur de Champagne at Champagne de Castellane for the ceremony of the ordre de Coteaux de Champagne).
*Ahem, it was actually Woman’s Journal, phrase coined by one Victor Olliver

Which is the best party you’ve ever planned for a client?

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