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Liz Hurley Is Too Late To Save England From Shane Warne

ONCE upon a time Shane Warne was a great cricketer with sun-kissed pro-Aussie hair, a lit ciggie and a cheeky wave as the stands harried his ears with affectionate rolling cries of “Warney…. Warney…”

Then cricket became a sport you can only watch on Sky TV or in Sri Lanka, and after years of having his head ruffled by teammates Warne became famous for peeping out of newspaper back pages to tell YOU that YOU can have hair like his and Graham Gooch’s if you use the same hair restorer. Warne told us that Advanced Hair Studios “can save you”.

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LIz Hurley Is Divorced From Arun Nayar: This Was Her Wedding (Words & Photos)

ELIZABETH Hurley is now divorced from Arun Nayar. Anorak recalls when they married in a event that went on and on and on and on…


ELIZABETH Hurley and Arun Nayar are “MORE IN LOVE THAN EVER”.

LIZ Hurley has worn all manner of dresses in a career that has spanned parties, premieres and personal appearances.

And now she is preparing to wear some more clothes, adding maternity gowns to a CV that already includes dresses with safety pins, white jeans and bikinis.

The Mirror says that Liz plans to have a baby with boyfriend Arun Nayar. And what’s more she and he are to marry.

“I cannot reveal to you the exact date but it is very close,” says Liz in Italian Vanity Fair magazine.


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Liz Hurley Is The Wicked Queen In Kate Middleton’s Fairytale

LIZ Hurley is happy. We know this because on the cover of Hello! magazine, Liz rests her chin on a fist covered in shiny stones and says:

“I’m happy.”

Above her and to the side is a much larger photo of Kate Middleton, soon to be Mrs Prince William, Princess Catherine, Mrs Wales and Diana 2.

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Liz Hurley And Shane Warne Are Over

LIZ Hurley and Shane Warne are an item? Well, no. The masculine Tatler glamour model and the sensitive Aussie spinster are not together, reportedly. The Mail claims Warney has been chasing Australian mother-of-two Adele Angeleri.

So it’s over..?

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Liz Hurley And Shane Warne: Secrets And Photos

LIZ Hurley is cheating on her husband with Shane Warne? Maybe. But, then, she did split from her husband four months ago.

The News of the World’s Stephen Moyes and Tina Campanella are pretty adamant:

LIZ Hurley has been caught in a steamy affair behind her husband’s back with cricket legend Shane Warne.

Anorak readers will recalls Liz’s wedding to Arun Nayar. The do began in 2007 and seems to have ended a few short weeks ago. Hello! magazine invested £2 million to secure the rights to broadcast the wedding.

We salivated over a 53-page album of “non-stop festivities”, “Bollywood dancing” and “spectacular fireworks”.

There was a meal of curry and, in clear tribute to Arun’s roots and glamour, spiced peas.

We chortled and begged for more when Liz’s father-in-law told us in his wedding speech:

“I once thought Liz was a lovely, unspoiled woman, but now I see that she is a very hard person. It was important for her to get celebrity faces there. That’s what the Hello! deal was about. She was fulfilling her contractual obligation. I knew she was very ambitious, but I never realised just how desperate she is for fame and attention.”

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In Pictures: Sophia Hyatt, Sarah Jessica Parker And Hugh Grant At The Morgans Premiere

LAST night Anorak was standing by minding Old Mr Anorak’s sedan in Soho, when we spotted Sam Elliott, Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker and Marc Lawrence at the gala premiere of Did You Hear About the Morgans? at the Odeon, Leicester Square. Also there was Liz Hurley, who achieved a career based on wearing a safety to a showbiz do. Noel Reno adapted that theme by tying up holes with bits of yellow thread and wearing them. But the pick of the bunch was Sophia Hyatt a TV actress who seems top be a perpetual audition for a role in Footballers’ Wives. Did she steal the show? Is her outfit a sign of things to come when oil runs out and our walk-in wardrobes are plunged into darkness? And is Old Mr Anorak about to see Ms Hyatt and make a terrible faux pas on the red carpet… The pictures:

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Liz Hurley Is Raisin Her Organic Low-Fat Pigs

ELIZABETH Elizabeth Hurley is promoting her new organic range of food, including pork sausages. That’s her with her husband Arun Nayar and son Damian (cue music) promoting her organic food range, Elizabeth Hurley Foods, on a stall at Cirencester Farmers Market.

Now you too can eat like Liz Hurley:

She once confessed to eating just one full meal a day and snacking on six raisins, while watercress soup is a staple of her diet.

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Omen To That: In The Pink With Damien And Liz Hurley

DAMIAN Hurley “would have me dress in long couture dresses and glittery shoes every day”.

That’s Damian on the cover of Hello!, sat on his mother’s knee; his blue eyes and dark hair; his name; his small tattoo on the top of his head; his theme music; the stairs… watch out!

“Mother love,” says Hello!. And we understand.

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