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Daily Mail Hack Liz Jones Is Scared Of Everything Except Irony: Beyond Parody

IN today’s Daily Mail, the nation’s foremost bringer of Scare Stories, Liz Jones delivers the most irony-laden story ever.

Says Jones:

Now I know why I HATE myself… Intense therapy discovered a dark secret locked in my past

Turns out that Jones is scared of all kinds of stuff. The kind of stuff that fills the Mail’s pages day after day:

I have never felt happy, not even for a moment. Every day is something to be got through. Actually, I tell a lie. There are odd moments when I feel vaguely safe.

What scares you Liz?

Everything I do is tinged with fear.

Read all about it!

My dad would pick me up from school discos, well into my late teens. I always assumed I was in imminent danger of being murdered. I developed a habit of conjuring images of disaster in my head.

And then one say she went to work for the Daily Mail

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