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Interpal Accused

INTERPAL (the Palestinian Relief & Development Fund), IBB and Lloyds TSB:

AN aid organisation which is being investigated by the Charity Commission said Lloyds TSB has threatened to stop processing its transactions from next month.

Interpal’s accounts are with the Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) but the charity said IBB relies on Lloyds TSB as its clearing bank.

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When HBOS Employees Kill

FROM INDIA comes a message for the Lloyds TSB -HBOS merger burghers:

The [Gradiano] Chief Executive Officer …was on Monday beaten to death by a group of dismissed employees inside office premises after a meeting called to resolve dispute between them and the management failed“. Source


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The Idiots Guide To HBOS And The Singing Malteser

HSBOS bank collapses, proof that capitalism works and you’re never to big to go under. (See Lehman Brothers.)

Big news, then. But the red-tops have a problem: they need to make their readers understand what Lehman Brothers was. They do this by finding an easy point of reference and talking down to them in words of one syllable or fewer.

THE SUN: “MASS EXIT – 40,000 face axe, including Howard.”

Howard..? Is he the boss of the failed outfit? In a way yes.

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