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Every Perverted Corporate Logo From Idiocracy



THE film Idiocracy features perverted corporate logos created by Ellen Lampl. She tells TriviaHappy:

“A visual vernacular fusion of Nascar, candy packaging, Mexico handpainted signs and Japanese pop culture…

“Sometimes in comedy, graphics are the straight man. But, in Idiocracy, we let it be absurd, as part of the experience. We realized that life in its present state already had tendencies towards the ridiculous—branding seeps in everywhere—so we let it be over the top.”


idiocracy posters 11


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Ilfracombe’s Floating Sperm Presents The World’s Worst Corporate Logos

COME to Ilfracombe, Devon, induces the seaside town’s new logo. Come to Ilfracombe, Devon, and swim with the sperm.

The “idiosyncratic swirl” is the work of Tessa Martin. Her works encourages people to “take another look and be surprised” by Ilfracombe, Devon. The log also reminds them to wear something protective and shower after bathing. Incidentally, Ilfracombe has the country’s second highest rate for teenage pregnancies – so it might be an advert for new sperm donors.


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New AOL Logo Wants To Be Called The Aol Dot, Period

aol-logosREMEMBER when those TV adverts told us that America On Line was the way ahead for any Britons wanting to access and harness the wonder of the world wide web?

For a while it worked. And then you realised that AOL was charging you for stuff you could get for free, and that America was not the only country online. AOL begane to decline.

But now there are plans to make it mighty once more. We bring you the new logo for AOL. Ready… Set. Go!

AOL is to be…Aol.

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