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Fox Girls: Isabella Koupparis Back In £800,000 Three-Storey Home

ISABELLA Koupparis, aged 9 months, who along with her twin sister Lola was mauled by a fox at home in her cot, is back at her family home in Hackney.

Over the newswires we get mention of “the smart three-storey house”…

Foxes are crafty. Snobby. And bloody toffee-nosed.

The twins were savaged as they slept in their cots upstairs at the £800,000 three-storey home in Hackney on Saturday June 5.

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Koupparis And The Fox: Video Of Fox Attack Is A Good Laugh (Pictures And Video)

KOUPPARIS and the fox: The media loves the blood and the gore. Isabella Koupparis remains in hospital, although no longer in intensive care. Given the ferocity of reporting,  there is a creeping feeling that the most voracious aspects of the media want Isabella Koupparis to suffer more – to die.

Lola Koupparis is now in the papers, looking bruised. This is the news round-up.

One organ has news of the tautological to make it sound worse and worser:

Baby girl savagely mauled by fox returns home

Can you be mauled in non-savage way – one that leaves “scratches“?

Fox ‘Tried To Eat’ Lola And Isabella Koupparis Says Expert: Pictures

The Mirror creates a picture of the fox trying to suffocate the child:


Cuddling little Lola, Nick Koupparis yesterday revealed that her sister Isabella, who is still in hospital, was left hardly able to breathe… Nick said: “Isabella’s doing much better but she was unconscious. She was on a ventilator but she’s off that now.”

A baby is on a ventilator after surgery? Isn’t this standard procedure? But it gets worse. The physical injuries are healing but the mental scars remains. A baby never forgets:

NOTW: “My fox baby’s nightmares”

Says mum Pauline Koupparis:

“It’s been great to have Lola home but she has been left traumatised by the attack, most definitely. She’s been having nightmares and shuddering in her sleep.”

London Fox Savages Second Child: Pictures

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Fox ‘Tried To Eat’ Lola And Isabella Koupparis Says Expert: Pictures

THE Fox: Lola Koupparis is back home in Hackney. Her sister Isabella Koupparis remains in hospital. Lola was bitten on the face. Isabella was bitten on the arm. Can the news be cranked up? Did the fox try to eat the chidlren? We says, yes. Our expert is news says “yes”.

Lola was “mauled”. He face looked like something from a “horror movie”. Says the Mirror of the “fox girl”.

The scratches on her face and bandaged arm tell yesterday of the damage a fox did to baby Lola Koupparis.


Fox Attack On Lola Koupparis And Isabella Koupparis: Pictures And Horror

Mum Pauline Koupparis says:

“I’m ecstatic. We’ve gone through every emotion imaginable. We’re glad she’s back. She’s doing fine.”

Scratches? Not bites? Fox scratches toddler! Read all about it. Why was this a big story? Over the newswires:

The twins were attacked as they slept at their parents’ smart three-storey home at around 10pm on Saturday.

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