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London Olympics Opening Ceremony: The Tempest, The NHS and Fearful Noises

WILL the London Olympics opening ceremony compete with the magnificence on show in China (and lose) or do what the country does best: innovation, wit, design, protest, self-awareness and style? Well, the ceremony will begin with a big ding-dong from a 27-tonne bell (inspired by Shakespeare’s play The Tempest). On the bell is the legend: “Be not afear the Isle is full of noises.

Danny Boyle says of his £28m The Isle of Wonders show:

“It’s poisoned land — an industrial legacy we all have a responsibility for as urban dwellers…. [It will] capture something unique about Britain and our sense of humour. The idea will make sense. I thought we shouldn’t make any details available to keep it all as a surprise, but you can’t do that these days.”

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Posted: 27th, January 2012 | In: Sports | Comment