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The Hornsey High Street Riot That Should Have Warned The Police What Would Come Next

WHEN do you think this incident occurred, as told in the Tottenham and Wood Green Journal?

YOUTHS armed with glass bottles, bricks and stones turned a high street into warzone over the weekend as they fought a running battle with police. At one stage bottles and bricks rained down on riot police, who were armed with batons, shields and CS spray, as they tried to gain control of the situation in Hornsey High Street on Saturday night.

Witnesses described seeing the police hugely outnumbered, marching in formation towards the baying thugs down the High Street, using CS spray on those who refused to move. The disturbances ran from 10.30pm to 5am the next morning, yet only two people were arrested for violent disorder.

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The Litter Riot

PHOTO of The Day: A man looks at post it notes bearing messages from residents in the window of Poundland, on Rye Lane, in Peckham, south London. The Litter Riot Has Begun…

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The Looting Will Be Photoshopped: Gallery Of Rioting Funnies

THE rioting and looting in London, Manchester and Birmingham will be photoshopped. Justin Bieber fans have lots to answer for. Add his name to the list. What’s your favourite..?

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Bleeding Boy Robbed In Broad Daylight By Birmingham, Manchester , London Rioters: Video

IN this video you will see a brown boy bleeding from the face being robbed my a white man who pretends to help him. The only good thing about this video is that the racists who blame blacks for the violence can see the truth. Thugs come in all colours:

The Idiots:

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London Riots: Baseball Bat Sales Booming On Amazon

THE London Riots are a press release. Amazon reports that sales of baseball bats are brisk. The Rucanor Aluminium Baseball Bat, Silver – 60 cm tops the list of “movers and shakers” – the biggest selling sports goods in the past 24 hours. Indeed, the top six selling spotting goods in the UK in the past 24 hours are all baseball bats. They’ve never had it so good…

Ps – the seventh top selling item is a tent – for the poor sods whose homes have been destroyed by freedom fighters like these (you must listen to this).

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London’s Broom Revolution Erupts In Clapham: After Riot Party Photos

AFTER the London riots – the Broom Revolution sweeps the rubbish from the streets…


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This Is Not a Riot, Oh Dearie Me, No, Definitely Not a Riot

NOW, you may think that what is happening in London is or has been a riot of riots. I may think that they’ve been riots too. But this definitely isn’t a riot.

No, not a riot. For we’ve a little oddity in English law: eleven or fewer people doing this is “violent disorder”. Twelve or more people doing this sort of thing is a “riot”.

And if you go and look at a standard insurance contract you’ll see that, between the Acts of God you’re not covered for and the terrorism you’re not covered for, you’re not covered for riots. But you are covered for the results of violent disorder. So, if it’s a riot the insurance companies don’t cough up for the damages….but who does?

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London Riots: Forget BBM, It’s the Back-Button That Has Created Generation Whatever

london riots, burning busEvery week, the Daily Mail will blame the internet for something else. Pedophiles, exam results, cancer and yes, the random violence that has swept through London in the past three days. I love the internet, but I’m going to do the same.

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