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David Starkey talks of the ‘disproportionately black criminal class’ in London’s gangsta rap Armada

A FEW highlights from David Starkey’s comment on the London riots of 2011, as told to the Daily Telegraph. As before, the historian is giving full throat to his metaphorisation of black skin for criminality

Far from being merely opportunistic, the core of the rioters was formed of an already existing criminal class and that class is disproportionately black. 

Of course, black might not refer to skin colour. Starkey is the prat who says “whites have become black”.

Starkey then goes on to attack black culture – the “violent, destructive, nihilistic, ‘gangsta’ culture” of the street.

As we said:

If only Elizabeth I or her dad Henry VIII – his favourite book and TV topics – had been black he might now be metaphorising white skin for criminality

Says Starkey:

Only one person is of the necessary stature: Doreen Lawrence.

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The London Riots in art – violence inspires

THE London Riots in Art looks at how artist interpreted last summer’s disturbances in London, Manchester, Birmingham and beyond. You can read a list of why the riot happend here  a list that takes in polar bears, Marc Duggan, villages, twitter, the Arab Spring and criminality. The photoshoppers have already give us their amusing takes on the riots. But what about the artists? What did the riots inspire them to create?

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Mug Shot Of The Year: Cross-eyes give away London rioter Andrew Burls

MUG Shot of the Year features the face of Andrew Burls. He’s the cross-eyed arsonist who set fire to a knickers and bra shop during the August riots. Mr Burls was captured because he has a tendency to “go cross-eyed under stress“.

Burls, 23, set fire to Regens Lingerie Boutique in Rye Lane, Peckham, London. The fire on August 8, 2011,  spread to a Post Office and other premises. Though disguised, Burls left his eyes on view. Those eyes were recorded on CCTV.

Says Acting Detective Sergeant Jim Woods, of Southwark Police:

“You can see on the video that he is cross-eyed. It was one of the strands I used to identify him.”

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London Riots: Middle-Aged Totally Unaffected By Mayhem, Says Times

IT only took four Times writers to produce this wonderful and insightful take on the riots. Mary Bowers , Laura Dixon , Billy Kenber and Chris Smyth tell us:

The indiscriminate violence affected the young, the old and the recently married.

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Allister Heath Is Beyond Parody: City Am Editor Blames Greed And Arrogance For London Riots (City Boys Carry On)

ALLISTER Heath is the editor of London’s City A.M. It’s a free news sheet that’s handed out to bankers and baking types. His views on the London Riots are beyond parody:

FEAR. Debilitating, widespread fear. The country held to ransom by feckless youths. Thousands of shocked Londoners cowering in their homes, with many shops, banks and offices shutting early. I cannot remember anything like it; the atrocities of the 7/7 terror attacks, the shock from 9/11 and the IRA’s repeated terrorist attacks had a chilling, devastating effect on the capital but it felt different this time…

The cause of the riots is the looters; opportunistic, greedy, arrogant and amoral young criminals who believe that they have the right to steal, burn and destroy other people’s property… There were no extenuating circumstances, no excuses…

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London Riots: Video Of Man Being Mugged For His Scooter In Croydon

MORE videos of the riots in London are emerging. In this tape the man on his scooter is chased down and mugged by a man and his mates inspired by Wayne Rooney, greed, Mark Duggan, polar bears and whatever other elements the experts can toss into the blender. It might, of course, that he did it because he felt that he could get more girls that way…

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Wayne Rooney Blamed For Triggering London And Manchester Riots

WANT to know why riots broke out inLondon, Manchester and Biurmingham? Well, it wasn’t just the polar bears:

Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney (Daily Star champion of the anti-riots):

“How do you inculcate values in a child whose only role model is footballer Wayne Rooney — a man who is bereft of the most meagre human graces?” – Max Hastings, Daily Mail

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Innocent Daniel Sartain-Clark Is The Daily Mail’s ‘Riot Boy’ Being Evicted From His Battersea Council Home

DANIEL Sartain-Clarke is “RIOT BOY”. The Daily Mail leads with news that the 18-year-old and his mother have been served with an eviction notice form their flat in Clapham. The front-page headline declares:


Sartain-Clarke lives in a “£225,000 taxpayer-subsidised flat”. (Does every alleged enemy of the state have a double-barrelled name? His lover is named J-Neil Starkei. Names matter in South London.)

Anorak loves it when the tabloid press put a figure on a property, especially a plastic-looking high-rise box in Battersea. The idea is that the alleged villain is living the good life but the paper defeats its own argument by showing readers a bland flat in what is now an area bedevilled by rioters. It’s worth £250,000 – to whom?

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London Riots: Notting Hill Survivor Talks Of The Balkanisation

THE London Riots were scary for anyone in targetted by the goons. Notting Hill was hit. One local woman wants to tell her story to the Daily Mail. Mary Lu-Cole (yes, indeed, that is her actual name) recalls how her house was invaded by two hooded twats. She then delivers a line that almost defies comment:

“We have lived in Notting Hill since 1995 and, although there are council estates cheek by jowl with multi-million-pound houses here, I have never felt afraid.”

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Solving the Riots Without Spending Any Money

HOW do we stop the riots? No, we don’t have to go an buy 50 inch plasmas and a change of running shoes for the little scrotes so that they won’t plunder them.

No, we don’t have to pay more policement either. Thankfully, given that the Met employs 32,000 of them but when they get an all staff to action stations call they can only manage to find 16,000….and many of those from other forces… we’re probably already paying more to pass the donut plates in the offices than we need to be already.

No, there’s actually an excellent source of exactly what we need out there, a source we can tap into for free.

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London Riots: Bromley Girls Provides Greatest Quote Ever

THIS might be the best quote of the London riots so far. The Bromley News Hopper reports:

Looting is taking place in Bromley. We spoke to a girl who got caught up the melee…

“People say they are going to smash up Primark and burn it down.

“Everyone is coming up here, the later it gets the more people will come back. I just want to watch. I’m not stupid enough to go in, I’m banned from Primark.”

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40 Brand News Boxed iPhones For Sale On Craigslist – Location: East London

THIS trader in East London has 40 brand new, box-fresh iPhones for sale on Craigslist. Any takers..?

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Operation Cup Of Tea: Forget The London Riots Let’s Have A Nice Sit Down

OPERATION Cup Of Tea is the Twitter hashtag that will undo the London Riots and make things better.

Operation Decent Biscuit is in the planning phase. What we need is hero to make OCoT fly. We’ve found him…

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London Riots: Millwall Fans Protect Eltham High Street From Rioters – Yid Army, Gooners And Headhunters Needed?

YOU know the situation is bad when the England v Holland match at Wembley is called off. Can we deduce that the football fans need protecting? Well, no. Over in London’s Eltham High Street, Millwall fans are protecting the local shops and bars. As he says:

you might hate them but tonight you’l love them.

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Hazel Blears Does Not Steal TVs From Comet: She Buys Them And Gives The Taxpayer The Bill

WANT to know why the middle classes are cynical and the rioting youth greedy, vicious, selfish, fit and stupid? Ideas below, please. Meanwhile Salford and Eccles Labour MP tells media:

“In the past we have had anti-social behaviour out of control, but we got a grip of that and this behaviour is just mindless and pointless. The vast majority of people are great citizens in Salford and Eccles.”

Tsk! Theft of tellies and stuff is wrong.

And who is Hazel Blears? Well:

Miss Blears, who as Communities Secretary is responsible for housing policy, also spent time in one of London’s most fashionable hotels paid for from public funds. In March, 2004, Miss Blears stated that her second home was the property she owned in her Salford constituency. During that month she bought an £850 television set and video recorder from Selfridges, and a £651 mattress from Marks & Spencer.

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London Riots In Photos: Faces Of The Victims, Idiots, Police And Criminal

FACE of The London riots – photos of:

The idiotic – like the youths in Camden and Ealing smiling alongside the burnt out cars. No, not the one they saved up for to go pulling in – someone else’s.
The criminal – the thieves and arsonists getting captured on camera.

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London Riots: Forget BBM, It’s the Back-Button That Has Created Generation Whatever

london riots, burning busEvery week, the Daily Mail will blame the internet for something else. Pedophiles, exam results, cancer and yes, the random violence that has swept through London in the past three days. I love the internet, but I’m going to do the same.

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London Riots: British Youth Embrace Olympic Torch Rally

LONDON’S Youth have embraced the Olympics spirit for 2012 by doing anything to get their hands on tracksuits and training shoes. Desperate to keen abreast of the latest news from the table-tennis arena, the sports mad boys and girls are out jogging, on the look out for TVs, radios, mobile devices and gadgets so they never miss a moment of the action.

The Olympics torch relay is already well underway, starting in Tottenham, and taking in Enfield, Ealing, Croydon, Brixton, Woolwich and Hackney. Even youth in Toxteth and Birmingham have embraced the spirit of a cheaper, freer, Olympic Games, going for gold – literally! – at the jewellers and pawn brokers.

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London Burns: Riots Rooted In Middle Class Hatred Of The Establishment

AS predicted, the torrent of EVM continues unabated. It is “criminality, plain and simple”, “pure gratuitous violence, theft, looting”, and most often “mindless”, writes Richard North.

There has been widespread disorder, including incidents in Hackney, Lewisham, Peckham, Bethnal Green, mass looting in Clapham and a huge fire in Croydon. Disorder in Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds has also been reported.

Tom Goodwin, the temporary, acting chief constable for the Met-Plods speaks and acts like a stage plod, talking gravely of “significant disorder”, displaying not the slightest indication that he understands what is happening.

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Riot Police Promise To Spend More Time on Twitter

POLICE Officers promised to spend more time on Twitter trying to predict where violence would break out after copycat riots sprang up in Brixton, Walthamstow, Dalston, Islington, Westfield, Oxford Circus and Ponders End following the protest about the death of Mark Duggan in Enfield on Saturday night.

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