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Transfer Balls: Lorenzo Insigne Will Join Arsenal If… Can You Guess?

TRANSFER Balls: The Press is talking about Lorenzo Insigne heading to Arsenal from Napoli. TalkSport calls him “Italy’s Messi” He must be good.

The Mirror reports:

[Agent] Antonio Ottaiano has declared: “We take into account the praising reports that Wenger has given about the player. We are honoured that a club like Arsenal could have Lorenzo on their wish list. I don’t see that there can be any further developments unless Arsenal speak to Napoli directly and Napoli change their view on Lorenzo’s role here.”

Well, quite. This just sound like an agent talking loudly in public.

But the Metro says:

Arsenal to make £17million Lorenzo Insigne bid – if he impresses at World Cup

The Mirror does as it always does and leads with a question:

Arsenal to buy Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne after the World Cup?

This can be summed up: No. Betteridge’s law of headlines is an adage that states: “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”

And then the Star chip in with news that the story is balls:

Arsenal will have to move mountains to if they want sign Napoli ace Lorenzo Insigne

Does moving a mountain cost just £17m?

More Transfer Balls every day.

Posted: 8th, June 2014 | In: Arsenal, Sports | Comment