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Lottery winner’s millionaire son sues parents for more money

Can love be measured in cash? Michael Dawes was given a pot load of cash by his dear old dad. But he reasoned that dad should have been more generous. The matter game before the Beak:

A man who was given nearly £1.6m by his father after he won £101m in the Euromillions has had his claim for more cash thrown out by a judge.

Best check the will.

Michael Dawes, 32, took his father, Dave, and stepmother Angie to court after they stopped giving him more money. He claimed the couple had promised to ensure he and his partner, James Beedle, 34, would never have to worry about money again.

All depends on how much they spend, right? A £1.6 million windfall – tax free because it’s a fit – is not a small sum of money. Spread over his working life – 18-70, say – and all things being equal, the sum gives young Dawes an equivalent income of  over £30,000 a year in today’s money. In April 2016 median gross weekly earnings for full-time employees were £539. Not too shabby, then, for young Dawes. Or he could invest the sum wisely and get more – something achievable by stashing the cash on multiple high-interest-paying current accounts and taking a long-term view on funds and shares.

So what did he do with the money?

Michael Dawes was given £1m by his father and stepmother soon after their win, but the judge said nearly all of it had been spent within a month.

Sound investments?

About £550,000 was spent on a house in Portsmouth, where Michael lived, but he also gave nearly £250,000 to friends and his partner’s family, and quit a well-paid IT job.

He quit his job? Dad had won big on a low-risk/high-reward activity. Why work when you can just ask?

At one point, the pair were spending up to £30,000 a month, including £1,000 a week on groceries.

And he wanted to be kept in the style to which he had become accustomed. But the judge dismissed his claim.

You can’t pick your family, but you can pick your numbers. Best of luck!

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Man named Mr Gambles has won lottery for the second time using the same numbers

Mr Gambles lotteryTo Chicago in search of nominative determinism. We find Larry Gambles. Mr Gambles just won a $1,050,000 Lucky Day Lotto jackpot prize. He says: “Nine years ago, I won $50,000 playing the numbers from the jerseys of my high school basketball team. I’ve been playing the same numbers ever since. I can’t believe they paid off again.”

Mr S. Tony Broke will be in touch.


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New Hampshire lottery introduces bacon-scented scatch cards

new hampshire


Can bacon be associated with failure? Can the smell of bacon be link with wasting your money on games of chance?  The New Hampshire Lottery has launched its first scratch-and-sniff scratch ticket.  “I Heart Bacon Scratch Ticket” costs $1. The big prize is $1,000.

You scratch the ticket and relase the heady scent of bacon.

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Man Gets Rich When Hyena Eats His Dick

CHAMANGENI Zulu is now surely on his way to riches. Currently in residence at Zambia’s Chipata General Hospital in Zambia, near the Malawi border, Mr Zulu followed doctor’s orders: he went into the bush and allowed / encouraged a hyena to eat his penis. Mr Zulu tells the Times of Zambia:

“I met some business persons who told me the best way to become rich was to sacrifice parts of my body. I was instructed to be naked and a hyena came to me and started eating my toes and eventually my manhood was eaten. Even if I have lost some important parts of my body, I still want to get rich.”

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$636 millions: Californian Who Sold Winning Ticket Wins $1m But Georgia Vendor Gets Nothing

YOUNG Soo Lee , the owner of a newsstand in Atlanta, and  Thuy Nguyen of San Jose, Calif., each sold one of the two winning Mega Millions tickets, worth $636 million in all before taxes.

Nguyen earned $1 million, as per California state law. Lee could get nothing.

That seems incredibly unfair. Nguyen says he is “very lucky”. Lee might wonder why she gets to live in a poorer state than California and win less for her customer’s good fortune?

“I’m so excited and so happy now,” Soolee said. “I love my store and the customer now.”

That loved customer may care to give sweet Soo some money.  


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Man literally blows up after winning lottery

WINNING the lottery must be beyond any comprehension of what excitement means. One minute, you have all this stuff to do… endless stuff… stuff that goes on and on and on… and then WHAP! Suddenly, the only thing you have to do is get blind drunk and spend loads of money on brilliant things like houses, cars, Farah slacks made from gold and a zebra butler.

You’d be forgiven if you figuratively exploded with excitement.

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God finds Mirlande Wilson’s winning Lottery ticket in Burger King urinal

WHEN Baltimore McDonald’s syrup server Mirlande Wilson claimed she had won $105m on the Mega Millions lottery, the New York Post paid her a visit. Says Wilson:

“I have no idea where it is. I’m not sure I have it.”

Think, Mirlande. Think!

“I’m still looking for it. I haven’t even looked in my uniform pants yet. I’m still looking everywhere to find it, in my purse, everywhere.”

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Lottery winners Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington are secretly miserable – says Daily Mail

MATT Topham and Cassey Carrington, both 22 and living together in Nottingham, won £45,169,170.50 on EuroMillions. The paper lead with the news that tax-free millions is not just for Vodafone and bankers:

Daily Star: “Whole Lotta love”  the pair plan to marry!


Daily Mirror: “We won £45 after two gores on Lotto”

Lucky so-and-sos.

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Global DC TV Presenter Barry Deley Wins Rich Lottery Drawn By Global DC Weatherman: Video

BARRY Deley is the winner of the BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery. He gets a country estate worth over $2.5 million mansion or $2million cash. You may know Barry Deley from his job as sports presenter on Global BC in Canada. That’s the same Global BC which drew the lucky winner for a big box of tickets – all with the ticket buyers’ names and adress written on them.

Says Deley:

“You know people are going to think this is kind of fishy,”

Global’s weather broadcaster Arran Henn drew the lucky ticket right in Global BC’s lobby.

Read it on Global News: Global’s Barry Deley wins grand prize in the BC Children’s Hospital Dream Lottery

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Lottery Winner Angela Dawes’s Son Demands More Than £101Million To Mend His Heart

WHEN Angela Dawes and Dave Dawes win £101mllion on the lottery, the tabloids set about seeing if they could expose them as undeserving of fortune. The Sun arrives first. It introduces Angela’s “bitter son”, 17-year-old Steven Leeman, of Wisbech, Cambs.

Steven alleges Angela booted him out of the family home aged 12 when she also tossed out his dad. His lament begins with the wonderful line:

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a mum.”

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Dave And Angela Dawes Win £102,203, 600.70: Chelsea Fan Might Yet Save Club

HATS off to unmarried lovers Dave and Angela Dawes from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, who have won £101,203,600.70 on the EuroMillions lottery.

Dave, 47, and Angela Dawes, 43, plan to continue living in their £70-a-week one-bedroom flat; she will continue her volunteer work for the British Heart Foundation; he will continue to work 12-hour shifts as a forklift truck driver for Premier Foods; and she will keep the ring her engagement ring her and not buy a larger stone.

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Lottery Loser Sues Winning Syndicate For Share Of $99Million Jackpot

EDWARD Hairston, 39, of Youngstown, Ohio, did not win the lottery. For eight years he contributed to a syndicate run at the KraftMaid logistics centre where he works. Then, while he was on medical leave over June, July and August, the rest of the office syndicate won $99 million. So. Did he get a share? No. He never paid his subs while he was off sick.

He wants $2 million. The Lottery Commission is uncertain. It’s retained his share while the parties argue.

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The Lottery Results From Poland: New Balls Please

ANd now for the Lottery in Poland. Grab your game cards. Last balls in the big fish tank win!

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How To Make A Profit From You Home In A Falling Market, With Suduko

YOU can win a house if you win a game of sudoku with Dave Mackie.

Q: So where is the catch…
A: Quite simply there isn’t one. Providing you have used your skill, knowledge & judgement to correctly complete the Sudoku, paid the £50 Entry Fee you are eligible for the draw. The winner gains the house free from any mortgage, we gain the market value for our house. IF sufficient numbers of successful entrants has not been reached by February 2010 then someone wins a cash prize & we are ringing round Estate Agents.

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How To Win The Lottery Like An Australian Hedge Fund Trader

INVESTMENT group invests $5 Million to hedge bets in Australian Lottery.

The prize: $27 million. The nume3bs to get right: 6. Cot per ticket: $1.00.

In the Virginia game, there are 7,059,052 possible combinations of numbers. So someone who buys one ticket has odds of 1 in slightly more than 7 million. Having more tickets increases the odds of winning, so that 1 million tickets have odds of 1 in 7.

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What Not To Do When You Win The Lottery

Ianthe Fullagar, of Ravenglass, w2ins £7million on the Lottery.

The 18-year-old, who hid her winning ticket in her bra, is organising an Egyptian holiday and wants a Ford Ka.

The saddest story of the day…

Thanks June


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