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Married couple appear in same random photo 11 years before they first met

same photos married


When Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue met in Chengdu, China, they fell in love, and in 2011 married. Fast forward to 2018, and Mr. Ye is flicking through old photo albums. He notices a 2000 photograph of his wife in Qingdao. And then he notice a teenager in the background. It’s him. “When I saw the photo, I was taken by surprised and I got goosebumps all over my body,” he says, “that was my pose for taking photos. I also took a photo, it was the same posture, just from a different angle.”

Petapixel has more:

Ms. Xue had visited Qingdao to help her mother relax after undergoing an operation a few months earlier. Mr. Ye had been visiting May Fourth Square in Qingdao because his mother had taken ill after booking herself the trip and asked her son to go in her place.

Qingdao and Chengdu, cities of 9 and 14 million people (respectively), are separated by over 1,100 miles and it takes over 20 hours to drive between the two cities.

Spotter: Boing Boing

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Man vomits as he proposes to girlfriend on private plane over Reedley, Ca.

Man vomits as he proposes to girlfriend on private plane over Reedley, Ca.


As he cruised the skies on the look out for a ‘MARRY ME’ sign he’d painted on the ground, Darrell Hamilton Jr reached into his bag and pulled out a ring box. To showed it to his fiancee Rheanna Lopez – and then puked all over the floor.

She said “Yes”. And the women who married my friend who shat the bed on their romantic night in France – tip: don’t have the whitebait in Le Touquet – also said ‘Yes’.


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Prisoner caught when second and third wives visit at same time

bigamist jailedTo Virginia, where Frank E. Blake Jr. is in trouble. His second and third wives have arrived at the same time to visit him in Henrico County Jail. And he’s married to both of them.

When police investigated, they found out that he also had married wife No. 2 before his divorce from wife No. 1 was finalised. Blake pleaded no contest on Tuesday to a charge of bigamy, stemming from the overlap between the end of his first marriage and the start of his second, which began in September 2012. Henrico County Circuit Judge L.A. Harris Jr. sentenced Blake to 1½ years of incarceration. The judge gave Blake a total sentence of five years, with 3½ years suspended…

. Before being sentenced, Blake spoke briefly. “I want to apologise to all y’all in the courtroom,” he said. He said he didn’t realise he was committing a felony when he committed to marriage. “I didn’t know I was breaking the law at all,” he said. “You can put me on a lie detector.”

Time, perhaps, for lie detectors in Church. Place your fingers on the pad and repeat after me, “I promise to love and obey…”


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Man expecting birthday BJ gets unexpected waxing from pranking girlfriend



In the Czech Republic Erik Meldik is one half of the pranking ViralBrothers. One laugh feartured Meldik telling his girlfriend, Dominika Petrinova, she had accidentally put her pet dog in a washing machine. Dominika was extremely upset. And when she’d calmed down she plotted her revenge.

On his birthday, Dominika walked a naked and blindfolded Erik from the shower. In the lounge, she sat his naked rear on a chair on which she’d stuck waxing strips. Erik, doubtless expecting a birthday BJ or some other sex-driven thrill, was stuck.

As she struggles. She titters.


Spotter: Daily Mirror


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Tired looking 28-year-old arrested after forgetting wife’s name in sham marriage

A wedding was found to be sham when the groom failed to recall his beloved’s name.

The Daily Telegraph reports on “Zubair Khan, a 28-year-old Pakistani man, and Beata Szilagyi, a 33-year-old Hungarian woman”, who were both arrested in Hull “minutes before their sham ceremony”.

As the couple tried to use the scam to enable Khan to stay in Britain, Khan had to make a telephone call to marriage fixer Khaliq Dad Khan to ask his bride’s name during a meeting with the registrar before the ceremony… Khan, of Bow, east London, and Szilagyi, of Hull, were sentenced to 20 months and 17 months respectively at Hull Crown Court…

What’s noticeable about this story is the Telegraph’s picture and caption of the “28-year-old” and his good lady:


Sham wedding

Life’s been hard


The year’s have been hard on the young chap…

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Rob ‘Not A Nutter’ Of Blackheath Is ‘Desperately seeking Suzy’ With Lampost Posters

suzy 1
A mysterious man, who insists he isn’t a nutter, has left notices around Blackheath in south east London seeking to trace a woman he was talking to“before the police turned up”. 

Are you Suzy? Ddo you know Suzy, like Rob’s knows Suzy?

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Groom’s 15-Year-Old Bride Turns Out To Be A Boy



WELL, that his story and he’s sticking to it:

Balak Ram of Biharipur village, Uttar Pradesh, was a bachelor aged 37 and frequently taunted for it. His family had long been hunting for a bride for him. He was renowned for being a little ‘off his rocker’ and no woman agreed to marry him. In their search for a bride, his family sought the help of a man who led a ‘natak mandali’ (dance troupe), Hukkam Singh. Singh agreed to get Balak Ram a bride, at a fee of Rs 50,000 (£520, $810). He said he had found a “beautiful and homely young girl,” in Mathura. Balak Ram’s family travelled 160 km from Badaun to Mathura on November 2, and were pleased to be introduced to 29-year-old Raj Kumari, their daughter-in-law to be. Raj Kumari hailed from Japarpur village in Mathura.

The wedding was solemnized 48 hours after Ram’s family first met Raj Kumari…

Last Saturday night, though, a few village women saw, through a window in Balak Ram’s house, a young boy donning a saree. They realised that the new bride was not a woman. He was, in reality, 15-year-old Rajkumar…

Young bride too shy could turn out a boy!

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Woman Rescued From Chimney Of Man She Briefly Dated

chimney woman


TO Thousand Oaks, California, where Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa, 30, is stuck in the chimney of a man she briefly dated.
She’s screaming. It’s 3am. At 6am the Ventury County Fire Department arrives. They chip away at the bricks. But it’s not enough. so. They pour liquid dish soap over the woman. She slips free at 8:13am.

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Girlfriend Stabs Lover Who Threatened To Stab Himself



TO Huntsville, Alabama, where Michelle McCrae is listening to her lover tell her how he’s going to cut himself. He’s got a pocketknife.

He doesn’t.

So. McCrae grabs his knife and stabs him in the chest.

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Man ‘Cooked’ Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog And Fed It To Her



TO California, where  Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro, is accused of killing this girlfriend’s Pomeranian dog, Bear, and feeding it to her.

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Reno Man’s Hillside Apology To Lover Runs Out Of Steam


“WHAT does NA mean?” The letters are written on Peavine Mountain near the University of Nevada, Reno. The “N” has been there for a century. Fashioned from white rock, the “N” stands for the N in UNR.  But the “A” is new?

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Amnesiac Jason Mortesen wakes up from surgery and sees his wife for the first time

JASON Mortesen was in hospital to have a routine hernia operation. But the anaesthetic – that helps you forget the procedure – gave him temporary amnesia. When he regained consciousness, Jason spotted an “incredibly beautiful” sat by his bed.

That was no lady. That was his wife Candice, to whom he’d been wed for six years.

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Man stole TV to frame hamster girlfriend loved more then him

stolen hamster

ANDREW Walsh, 30, wasn’t pleased when his girlfriend told him she loved her hamster more than him. The hamster was not some high-street sex aide, but an actual hamster called Harry.

Walsh plotted to remove the other man form the picture. When his lover, Julie Hanson, was out, Walsh broke down the door to her home in Blackpool, Lancashire, to  “give Harry his freedom”.

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Marriage proposal hit by massive wave (video)


ROMANCE. It doesn’t work. Kissing in the rain isn’t nice, it’s horrible. Rose petals on a bed? That’s just a load of decaying bits of flower that’ll need hoovering up. Chocolates give you diabetes and making love requires you to take clothes off your horrible string of sausages body.

One chap found out that romance is stupid when he took his loved one to the sea to pop the special question (please note: there is absolutely nothing special about getting married because any idiot can do it – it is less special than whistling because not everyone can do that). (Did she turn you down – ed?)

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Not a dry eye: New Yorkers recall a 27-year romance

YOU want to know about love? The Rauch Brothers met New Yorkers Danny and Annie. The voices resonate:

Brooklynites Danny, an OTB clerk, and Annie, a nurse, remember their life together—from their first date to Danny’s final days with terminal cancer. This remarkable couple personifies the eloquence, grace, and poetry that can be found in the voices of every day people if we take the time to listen. Originally an animation in two parts, here you’ll see a special version that combines both parts of their story.

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Emma Stone pretends to be flattered at creepy declaration of love from Jim Carrey

CELEBRITIES, as you know, are thoroughly mental. The more famous they become, the weirder they get. Take Jim Carrey for example. For some inexplicable reason, he decided to take to YouTube and declare his love for actress Emma Stone.

In the clip, he said that he wanted to have “chubby little freckle-faced kids” with her, adding: “Emma, I think you’re all the way beautiful. Not just pretty, but smart and kind-hearted. And if I were a lot younger, I would marry you,” Carrey said in the video.

“Every day, for the rest of your life, you would thank God that I was the appropriate age for you. But I’m not. I’m 49. I have lines of my face, sometimes a little gray in my heard, and it takes me a little bit longer to pee than it used to,” he said.

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Manchester United fan floods French villa in failed seduction

ANYONE know the name of the 31-year-old British Manchester United fan who broke into a home in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Nice, and attempted the fill the roof-top pool with water only to fail and flood the property?

The story goes that the romantic was attempting to woo an American woman. Before filling the pool – and the house – with water with outside showers and garden hoses, our hero chilled the champagne, lit candles, sprinkled rose petals round a bed, erected a black pirate flag, and pinned to the walls images of Winnie the Pooh and Manchester United.

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Lewis Hamilton May Be Wealthy, But He’s Still Depressingly Desperate When It Comes To Nicole Scherzinger

IMAGINE. You’re one of the most respected Formula One drivers on the planet. You’re reasonably good looking. You’re wealthy. You’ve got a number of lucrative advertising contracts. The world is at your feet (the one that presses the accelerator at least).

Yet, you still own a penis.

And it’s Lewis Hamilton’s member that’s making him all sad and desperate. See, despite his wealth and fame, he doesn’t like the fact that Nicole Scherzinger isn’t his girlfriend anymore.

And so, despite the fact they split only in October, Lewis isn’t giving up on the X Factor USA judge. Nosiree. Not even if he looks like a desperate teenager.

A source (to be massively trusted, of course) told the Daily Mail (also to be hugely trusted):

“Lewis is on a full-on mission to get Nicole back. He’s been having her favourite flowers and thoughtful gifts delivered to her LA home and to the set of US X Factor. He misses her terribly and has told friends he won’t stop until he’s won her over.”

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Is Cheryl Cole Dating Steve Jones In Moist Publicity Stunt?

SINCE Cheryl Cole split with that dastardly greed-monger, Ashley Cole, she’s been somewhat billed as some kind of forlorn, sexless damsel, just looking for anyone, ANYONE to make her happy.

Of course, there were rumours that she was bumping her uglies with Derek Hough, but no-one can fully embrace the notion that he’s straight, so that didn’t run like it may’ve. There’s also, but no-one honestly believes that he has any genitalia at all.

And so, while Cheryl is away backcombing her hair in America, and feeling all homesick, she’s apparently bunked-up with X Factor USA host, Steve Jones. That’s right. Steve Jones. Former T4 presenter and man so handsome that he makes armchairs aroused.

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Indians Hang Up On The Call Centre

THE Call Centre has done more to damage Anglo-Indian relations than last night’s vindaloo:

A 23-year-old man, barely out of college, has been recovering from a heart attack in a hospital. The doctor’s diagnosis: modern lifestyle – stress and odd hours of work.

He works at a call centre in Mumbai


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