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Vanessa George: Suicide, Jokes And Spreading The Fear

fat-paedo1VANESSA George Watch: The media gets to know the nursery school paedophile – Facebook, suicide and sick jokes…


That’s it! She can abuse children, but to make a joke of it is plain wrong.

The sick chat took place on a webpage where someone posted a message claiming he had been “fiddled” with as a kid. George replied “lol”, which stands for Laugh Out Loud. And she added: “I think he needs closure – or another fiddle!”

Not much of a joke. If you want jokes, you might enjoy these, some of which were published in the national press and told on stage before a paying crowd.

Bristol Evening News: “Steve Scott: Child abuse nursery worker was devil disguised”

The devil disguised with a smile and a nursery worker’s uniform. There but for the grace of God goes every single parent reading this who has used a nursery.

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Vanessa George: All The News And Opinions

fat-paedoALL the news on Vanessa George, the nursery paedophile who along with Angela Allen, and Colin Blanchard distributed and made indecent pictures of children.

News of The World: In “Our Mum The Monster”, the News of The World introduces Vanessa George’s family.

Andrew George is pictured with daughters Grace and Pearl. Says Andrew:

“I call her monster now. And the kids don’t want anything to do with her.”

Now I see her as cold, calculating scum – and I don’t want her to ever see our kids again.”

Although she can see them – in the tabloids.

A typical day:

“She was brilliant with kids. She got that nursery place through Ofsted reports. She was even doing work courses on how to spot child sex abuse earlier this year…

“I remember her watching news programmes, and if a paedophile came on screen she would stand up and shout ‘f****ing b*****d, cut his f*****ing balls off’.


“I call her the monster now. She’s evil. Pure evil. And the kids don’t want anything to do with her.”

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