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Twilight comes to Liverpool: Luis Suarez bite sparks copycat attack in school breakfast club

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Liverpool v Queens Park Rangers - Anfield

SO suggestible are the youth to the antics of “role models” that mums across the land are upset that Liverpool’s Luis Suarez didn’t finish his meal. If Suarez was going to engage in cannibalism, as the Daily Mail called it, than the player should recognise his position as a role model and finish his dinner. Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic might not appreciate being devoured on the field of play but, as mother of two young children, John Terry’s wife might be.

Mindful of the Suarez effect, the Mail reports on Sharon Ellis who says a biting attack on her 11-year-old son Ryan was “a direct result of the example Suarez had set”.

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Posted: 23rd, April 2013 | In: Sports | Comments (2)