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Michael Jackson: Officer La Toya Jackson And Tito’s TV Crime Show

la-toya3MICHAEL Jackson Homicide Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Officer La Toya Jackson’s TV show investigates celebrity deaths…


“Sister La Toya insists ‘killer’ must pay”

Anorak can see the spinoff TV series now: LaPD – Killer Must Pay.
La Toya and her bumbling sidekick Tito investigate the deaths of leading showbiz performers:

Did Rod Hull fall from the roof? Who sold Isadora Duncan that scarf? Michael Hutchence – why was he still wearing a belt? Elvis Presley was a strict vegetarian. Mark Bolan – who planted the tree? What did Steve Irwin know? Lupe Velez drowned in the toilet bowl – where was her maid?

La Toya, call me. I have ideas and plans.

In series one, La Toya investigates the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson death: Now all the world will know the truth,” says La Toya Jackson.

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