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The London Orbital M25 Is 25: A Photo History Of The Road To Hell

THE M25 is 25 years old today. What does the London Orbital motorway mean to you? We polled Anorak Towers. Their responses do not paint a happy picture…: traffic jam; Kenneth Noye; murder; accidents; death; M25 Three, Trophy Rapist; road rage; cones; parking; protest; IRA; &*%$!…

Here are the photos of the road to hell’s history so far:


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The Prime Minister Mrs Margaret Thatcher cuts the ribbon to open the final section of the M25 motorway.


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Policeman Hit By Stolen Car Chases And Catches Driver On Foot (Video)

LEE Adamson, 29, is in the dock at Guilford Crown Court. He pleads guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, failing to stop, driving without insurance and resisting a police officer. He is sentenced to 23 months prison for his antics on the M25.
You can witness his crimes in the video below. That’s him behind the wheel – slamming his vehicle into a police car, knocking PC Daniel Pascoe off his feet.

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The M25 Is Cursed By Dark Forces: The Junction 9, Surrey, Pray Vigil Is Open

TO Junction nine of the M25 with Gerald Coates, of the Pioneer Engage Church in Epsom Road, Leatherhead, to investigate whether the place is cursed. This is the Road To Hell.

Are persons “motivated by dark forces” recording messages of evil onto cassette tapes and then placing the reel around targets?

Coates, of Effingham, has done his research. He has found tape reels in the roundabouts that lead onto junction 9 of the M25.

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Freeway The M25 Tortoise Arrested

Freeway the tortoiseTHE tortoise speeding on the M23 slip road off the M25 in Surrey has been arrested by John Formby, who has pulled over to hard shoulder and picked up the shell-backed hitchhiker.

“So I pulled over, put my hazard lights on and ran 400 yards down the hard shoulder. Some other cars were coming up and a couple went round the tortoise. Two cars and a van drove straight over it, straddling it, but it didn’t go back into its shell.

“By the time I’d run back, it had got into the slow lane. I ran out picked it up and put it into the foot well of my car.”

And sped off.

Upon inspection, a vet discovered the tortoise was micro-chipped in the USA.

That’s right, dear reader, the tortoise, nicknamed Freeway, and so forever tortured by the moment of his undoing, had plodded on for thousands of miles, heading steadily onwards, committed to his mission to raise money for his favourite charity or just for the challenge, was curtailed by a well-intentioned motorist.

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