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Mac McClelland’s Haiti Rape Becomes A Satire

WHEN she was in Haiti to report on life after the earthquake, Mother Jones writer Mac McClelland spent time with Sybille, a woman who alleged she’d been raped.

The alleged victim and the journalist went to the hospital. McClellend alleges that the surgeon who performed reconstructive surgery on the woman told her she was a slut and had had it coming. Back in the car, Sybille saw one of the men who had, allegedly, raped her. Sybille went into “a full paroxysm – wailing and flailing in terror, screaming with her eyes rolling in abject terror”. This was McClellenad’s first day in Haiti. She wrote, reporting for Good:

Last September, the first time I went to Haiti, I spent my first day out accompanying a rape victim we’ll call Sybille to the hospital. The way her five attackers had maimed her in addition to sexually violating her was unspeakable. The way the surgeon who was going to try to reconstruct the damage yelled at her, telling her she’d got what was coming to her because she was a slut, was unconscionable. And the way Sybille went into a full paroxysm when we were on the way back to the post-quake tarp city she lived in was the worst thing I ever saw in my life. We were sitting in traffic and saw one of her rapists, and she started just SCREEEAMING a few inches away from my face, her eyes wide and rolling in abject terror.

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