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Chanelle Hayes Exposes Omar Bakri’s Plot For Jihad In The Pole Dancing Club

DAYS on from news that mad mullah Omar Bakri paid for his daughter’s boob job and the plan to bring jihad to the country’s gentlemen’s clubs is curtailed.

The Star brings the front-page news that Chanelle Hayes will NOT be having her chest enlarged.

The Big Brother strumpet has made her decision in response to a Star reader’s poll. Tough on the War On Terror, and as patriotic as the next scaffolder, Star readers are turning their backs on artificial breasts, staring Islamofascism in the chest and saying “No”.

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Posted: 29th, September 2008 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comments (2)

Celebrating 9-11 With The UK’s Islamists In Residence

REMEMBERING 9/11 with Britain’s Al-Ghuraba movement.

Over a Ramadan fast breaking dinner, members gathered in London for a conference held under the banner, “The September Attacks: Have You Learned the Lesson?“.

Mad mullah John Lennon fan Omar Bakri was there, albeit live-ish from Beirut via a satellite video link up. Good to see Bakri back. Since his departure, the country has been bereft of a gurning, wire-bearded nutter, a face of Islamic fascism we can all relate to.

Can any among the assembled great and good rise to the challenge and be the new face?

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Omar Bakri Beats The Drum For Paul McCartney In Israel

“SIR PAUL TERROR TARGET,” screams the – Sunday Express, a shocker illustrated by shot of Sir Paul McCartney caught in the crosshairs.

Thankfully, Sir Paul is reputed for his famous head wobble and there is every chance would-be assassin will need at least a dozen shots to even clip an ear on former Beatle’s tussled head.

Which gives us time to discover the identity of the killer. No, not Heather Mills. No, not Yoko Ono. It’s… Omar Bakri. Yeah, the mad mullah, the Tottenham Taliban, the owner of a green Ford Galaxy and some NHS prescription glasses.

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