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In Photos: Richard Branson’s Dita Von Teese Tongue And Other Women

SIR Richard Branson did not launch Virgin to meet girls. It’s just perk of the job. We spotted Branson celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic flights to Las Vegas from London Gatwick by hoisting Dita Von Teese over his shoulder at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas. He seemed to enjoy it. Just as he’s enjoyed meeting and greeting: Natalie Imbruglia, Kate Moss, Kristen Davies, Katie Price, Maddy Ford, Nell McAndrew and Emma Bunton. Feel the love. Feel it…

Al Fayed is over here.


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Sir Richard Branson and Dita Von Teese pose for photographers at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, USA to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic flights to Las Vegas from London Gatwick.

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Katie Price Calls Peter Andre A Liar As Maddy Ford Bares All

8360677THANKS to Maddy Ford’s sponsored shag-‘n’-tell, we have learnt that Peter Andre’s sex life did not end with his televised dry humping of now former lover Katie Price.

We know that when Peter told us in October 2009 that he’d “replaced” sex – I’ve got my chocolate, which the fans keep bringing me. I’m living on it!” – he would soon unite his twin passions as Maddy Ford was smeared in chocolate sauce and nibbled like a novelty finger of fudge.

Maddy Ford (NSFW) pictures

We also get to hear from Katie Price, who returns to the Star’s front page after what must be days to tell us that “PETER’S A LIAR AND A CONMAN”.

“All that time Peter has been on my back about what I have been getting up to with Alex – but he is no different.”

Not so says Peter Andre:

But Peter, 37, was last night said to be furious at her allegations and raged: “I have never lied, I had sex with someone, so what?”

Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures

Indeed. Although the Metro newspaper did report Peter telling us in February 2010:

Peter Andre: “I haven’t had sex for 8 months – Desperate Peter Andre hasn’t had sex since he split from Katie Price – eight months ago.”

And around that time the News of the World cocked an ear to Peter:

“OK, OK, I’m desperate for sex. It’s been a long time. But it’s a whole new ball game. I’m a different man, I want a different type of girl. I’m definitely cautious about women now.

“It’s going to take me a long time to trust someone. I haven’t done anything yet apart from think about it, but I don’t want to be a monk.”

andre-metroAnd then there was Peter who opined on Maddy Ford:

“She’s not my girlfriend, she’s my stylist. The reason there are whispers is because of the way she looks and people jump to conclusions. Most stylists are quite attractive, to be fair, and it’s really hard to avoid being linked to them.”

Katie Price’s career in pictures (NSFW)

It all seems a little confused, hard to spot where the sources stop talking and Peter gives full throat to his own sex life. We need help. And here it comes in t the shape of “Pete’s pal”:

“Peter wasn’t caught out with Maddy, he was just very clever and never claimed he hadn’t had sex, he just said he wasn’t in a relationship.”

Whatever the truth and the reasons, the fact is that Peter Andre is back on the front pages and it took a glamour model to put him there…

Maddy Ford (NSFW) pictures

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Peter Andre’s Maddy Ford Shag Is Sponsored By Jo Malone, Chanel And iPod

peter-andre12PETER Andre’s kiss-‘n’-style lover Maddy Ford tells all. And as she speaks, she name checks brands. We learn less about Peter Andre’s shagging then we do of his shopping list.

Maddy Ford (NSFW)

Maddy says that Pete always showered before sex. She fails to tell us type of soap he prefers, the brand of water he drips in and the make of towel. But then she reveals more:

“One of his favourite things was to smear me all over with Coco De Mer edible chocolate body oil and then lick it slowly off – and then to have me do the same to him back again. That was a treat we never tired of.”

The Coco De Mer gig is in the bag, Maddy. Any other products to endorse?

“Every time we made love, he liked to put on Sade’s The Love Album in the background.”

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Pop Acorn Peter Andre’s Shag ‘n’ Tell With Maddy Ford: Pictures And Doggy Tag Style Sex

3074727HAVING denied an affair with Maddy Ford, a former Page 3 stunna now working as the Page 3 stunnas’ stylist, Peter Andre is the subject of the Star’s front-page headline:


Given that Peter Andre said in February 2010 that he “haven’t had sex for 8 months” – and Maddy Ford’s claim that she stopped shagging him three months ago, the story seems confused.

Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures

Thankfully, a source is here to put us straight:

Last night a source close to the star said: “To say Pete’s birthday joy has fallen flat is an understatement. It’s completely fizzled out. He feels betrayed by this girl. It is true that they had sex on a few ¬occasions but nothing more than that. Now it looks like she has sold her story and made much more of it than there was.”

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