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Madeleine McCann: Blonde Children Invited To Join ‘I Am Not Maddie’ Campaign

MADELEINE MCCANN: Blonde children, and also children with black hair that looks like a wig, are to be encouraged to wear “I am not Maddie” badges in a bid to help locate the missing child.

We are indebted to Anorak reader and branding guru Percy for brainstorming this idea – in light of the Conservative’s adoption of the media’s Our Maddie and her PR Clarence Mitchell as the party’s media watcher. He suggests it is time to

…introduce an “I am Not Maddie” i.d. card for all blonde girls WorldWide?…..sounds silly I know…but it could help clear up any confusion.

In light of developments in these countries –

CanadaItaly, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Majorca, Belgium, Bosnia, France, Australia, Brazil, Wales, Malta, Italy, Germany, Austria and Dorset

– and more recently New Zealand (by boat), it might be useful. The added bonus is that the press could each day fill any gaps in the news with shots of blondes.

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