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Madeleine McCann: Leaflet ‘Bans’, The Queen Mother And Thinking Yourself Thin

MADELEINE McCann: Jerry Sadowitz (again), the Queen Mother, Kate’s McCann’s weight and Portugal:

Jerry Sadowitz has been knocking them bandy with jokes about Madeleine McCann at St David’s Hall in Wales.

Anorak has been to see Jerry Sadowitz. His Our Maddie gag is an adaptation of his joke on the Queen Mother. A handkerchief is placed over his outstretched hand. The magician teases the hanky back to reveal a raised middle finger. The Queen Mother and Our Maddie have become two sides of the same coin: we waited years for the Queen’s mum to die; and we’ve waited years for the end of the McCann story. Both are presented by an emotive press as objects of national unity. Press f9 for empathy. But rather than being icons of orchestrated care, the missing child and the old woman are beige news, mere filler that appeals only to the die-hards, while  makes everyone else hanker for an ending.

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