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Madeleine McCann: Let’s get the Arabs

OUR Maddie: Anorak’s at –a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news: after the gypsies are defamed it’s time to get the Arabs again:


Only four?

James Murray writes:

Today the Sunday Express can reveal that among the Spanish private detective agency’s secret files are key “sightings” of Madeleine in Morocco.

Why would the files be secret? If every stone is being turned over to look for the child, why would any sighting remain a secret? Is it so that the kidnappers aren’t panicked, as Gerry McCann said they might have been when the Daily Mail spotted Our Maddie in India?

It’s Metodo 3, of course, the private detective agency that never found the innocent child, nor provided any firm evidence of what happened to her. The firm’s Francisco Marco Fernandez says of handing over 30 boxes of stuff to the Met:

“I think this could be a significant moment in the effort to discover what happened to the child. I am very glad all our leads will now be looked at by the Yard because they are important.

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