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Madeleine McCann: Mothers’ Day With Kate McCann And No News

MADELEINE McCann – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann – WITH the media’s Our Maddie now firmly back in the news, can the story be kept going by inviting us to gawp at the parents?

Kate McCann is going to be the star turn on Aled Jones’s BBC Radio 2 Mothering Day special.

The Sun: “Kate’s comfort in Maddie bedroom”

KATE McCann has revealed she seeks strength by visiting missing daughter Madeleine’s bedroom twice a day.

Good that she gets comfort. But why do we need to know this? Why only twice?

During a visit to Lisbon yesterday with husband Gerry to meet their Portuguese lawyer, she said: “We haven’t changed anything. There’s still a lot of pink. I continue to go to Madeleine’s room twice a day. It’s a comforting feeling.”

It’s grim, emotive, repetitive personal stuff made public. It’s voyeurism. We are being invited to stare at the parents. Are you getting off on it. Do you feel? Why is it news?

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