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Justin Bieber alerts fans to the thrill of fizzy mineral water abuse


JUSTIN Bieber has lot of tattoos, gobs on his fans, walks about with his shirt off and pants low, and smokes weed. That makes him gangster.

Justin Bieber is a man-child who travels the world in big cars, grew up in rural Canada and has a private tutor to teach him to place the silent ‘h’ in ghetto. What with his inner-city crib and access to men with big guns, Prince Edward grew up more gangster than Bieber.

But Bieber is making a stab at being street. He’s been picked to rap with Brandon Green, aka Maejor Ali. This is that rap:

“Throwing up a G note/Like I’m at a casino/I’m all fancy yeah/I’m popping Pellegrino.”

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Posted: 27th, September 2013 | In: Music | Comment