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They’re Putting A Tarmac Path Up Mount Snowdon – Daily Mail Senses Fury

THEY’RE only putting a tarmac path up Mount Snowdon, The Daily Mail picks up on the fury. What next – a lift up Mount Everet?! A Tunnel under the Channel??!!

MaGuffin, of Tabloid Watch, takes a closer look at the scare story:

IT’S political correctness gone mad:

This Mail headline and article is similar to yesterday’s swimming pool story. A few mildly critical comments from a few users of a facility is turned into general ‘fury’ (such an overused word) and the changes being made are on a much smaller scale than is implied.

Jaya Narain’s article begins:

Located in the middle of a beautiful national park, Mount Snowdon is one of the most awesome natural wonders of Great Britain.

The wild slopes, steep ridges and treacherous screes of the second highest mountain in the UK attract experienced mountaineers from across the world who want to pit their climbing skills against its rugged routes.

But now the 3,560ft mountain just got a whole lot tamer after a tarmac pathway was laid on one of the ancient routes.

A tarmac pathway‘.” But in the next sentence:

The work to level and partly tarmac a mile-and-a-half of the Miners’ Track has been carried out to encourage more people onto the mountain.

Ah, now it’s only “partly tarmac“.

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Lottery Winner Buys UK Bank

IANTHE Fullager stuffed her winning lottery ticket down her bra. She is “BOOM AND BUST” (Sun), and being wooed by the banking sector.

Fullager of Fullager & Bingley Brothers now has more money than the entire banking sector combined, and as such a commands the Sun’s front page.

“I wanted to keep my ticket where I thought no-one would look for it,” says the 18-year-old, who may need to reconsider her hiding places give her new levels of attractiveness.

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Mick Jagger And The Adventures Of Molly Miller Mundy McCartney

MICK Jagger is said by the Mail to have been seen out in the company of 23-year aristo Molly Miller Mundy.

Miss Molly Miller Mundy is the son of Mark Miller Nundy, who tells us:

“I’m thrilled it’s Paul McCartney.”

If it were, she could marry him, and be Molly Miller Mundy McCartney.

So we take the point…

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Paedos And Islam: Celebrating A Firebombing At The Jewel Of Medina

THE FIFTH Rule of Tabloid Journalism states that all stories must contain a celebrity element.

So here are three men allegedly pouring petrol through the letter box of Martin Rynja’s Islington home – he’s “the boss of a publishing company that is to release a novel about the private life of the Prophet Mohammed.”

The book, The Jewel Of Medina, is a fictional account of the Prophet’s relationship with his nine-year-old bride Aisha. Says the blurb:

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