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Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says he won’t get sacked… which can only mean one thing

BEING a football manager is a lousy job. Perform slightly badly and everyone wants your head on a pole and the media dissects your every thought to see if you’re going mad or deciding you’re thoroughly incompetent.

And so, to Roberto Mancini, stood their with a bemused look of incredulity on his face and his little Man City scarf.

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Mario Balotelli’s agent ‘doesn’t give a f**k’

IN a division so devoid of any character, the departure of Mario Balotelli from the Premier League is a very sad one. Who can football fans look to now? Suarez? He’s not exactly loveable. Ryan Giggs? Even he managed to make shagging his brother’s girlfriend look dull.

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£62 linesman punished by stupid idiots running football

FOOTBALL these days, brings more misery and frustration than cheer. So when something brilliant and remarkable happens, you cherish it. And then, inevitably, a footballing body ruins it for everyone. Think of the AC Milan players gallantly walking off during a match because of racist abuse. They were brave, strong and bold… and then Sepp Blatter opened his stupid cakehole and said players shouldn’t stand up for themselves and that they were ‘running away’ from the problem.

And now our footballing organisations are at it.

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Raffaella Fico Dating Christiano Ronaldo: Gallery

raffaella-fico-61THIS is Raffaella Fico, the  21-year-old model rumoured to be dating Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is the same Raffaella Fico who starred in Italy’s Big Brother and told Chi magazine that he wanted to sell her virginity for 1million euros. Real Madrid saved up and went with Ronaldo, but Man City do have money to burn.

Said Fico:

I don’t know what it’s like to have sex… If I don’t like him I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it.”

So she was a virgin, maybe she sill is. How can you tell? Why, ask her brother, of course:

“She’s never had a boyfriend. I swear on my mother’s grave. She’s a devout Catholic and prays to Padre Pio every night.”

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Man City The Next Club In Crisis

WEST Ham is in the mire. And Man City?

Dubai may need help from Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates government to finance a surge in borrowing that paid for the world’s tallest tower, palm tree- shaped man-made islands and stakes in banks worldwide.

That’s the transfer kitty gone…

Anyone know what they did with Peter Swailes ?


Al Sugar’s 54-A-Side Manchester City

Al Qaeda Will Attack Manchester City At 8pm On 05 November 2007

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