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Man Cuts Off Own Testicles And Flushes Them Down Toilet

THE 31-year-old man has castrated himself and flushed his testicles down the toilet.
He did this because the nuts contained “monsters”. When you’re sperm start talking to you it’s time to worry. When they start making sense, it’s time to go your separate ways.

California’s Arcata Police Department says the man had taken LSD. But Lexi needed no drugs to awaken his mind.

Lexi the cat his missing. Lexi is at the Woosehill Vets in Woosehill, near Wokingham, Berks, waiting to be castrated. Lexi runs.

The animal’s owner, Maria Brown, only discovered that her cat had gone missing when she went to collect it from the surgery and was given a pet rabbit instead.

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