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Man Kills Friend Over Predictive Text Message

NEIL Brook, 33, of Wilbraham Road, Walkden, is accused of murdering his friend and neighbour, 27- year-old Josef Witkowski. He’s in the dock at Manchester Crown Court.

The jury hears that the pair rowed over a text message. Brook meant to use the word “nutter”, but his predictive text turned it to “mutter”. Mutter, yer honour, is a a local colloquialism for “a person who behaves in an antisocial or vulgar manner”.

Mr Witkowski was not pleased. They argued over text. He then went round to see Brook.

Mr Witkowski – unhappy at being called anti-social – is armed with a knife. In readiness for something, Brook had taped a knife to the back of his front door. He pulls it free and stabs Mr Witkowski in the leg and the chest. Mr Witkowski had 104 injuries.

The jury listen to both sides of the debate and find him guilty of manslaughter.

Mutter among yourselves…

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