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Solving the Riots Without Spending Any Money

HOW do we stop the riots? No, we don’t have to go an buy 50 inch plasmas and a change of running shoes for the little scrotes so that they won’t plunder them.

No, we don’t have to pay more policement either. Thankfully, given that the Met employs 32,000 of them but when they get an all staff to action stations call they can only manage to find 16,000….and many of those from other forces… we’re probably already paying more to pass the donut plates in the offices than we need to be already.

No, there’s actually an excellent source of exactly what we need out there, a source we can tap into for free.

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Tough Ed Miliband Presents The Manchester Riots In Photos

ED Miliband – he takes nooooo prisoners…


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Britain's opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband stands outside a burned out Miss Selfridge shop on Market Street in Manchester, England, after a night of rioting in the city, Wednesday Aug. 10, 2011. (AP Photo/Jon Super).


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