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1972 gift special: a life-size doll of you

IT’S 1972. Cosmetic surgery is not yet so advanced. Dolly the sheep is but a dream But you want to create a replica of yourself. What to do? Become an Osmond? No. For $3,000 and no cents (exclusive of clothes and sculptor’s airfare) you could invest in “full-dimensional, life-size, reasonable facsimilies of you, or your favourite other person”.

You’d be mad not do. Mad, I tell you. Maaaaaaad:

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Police Cover Mooning Store Window Mannequin With Brown Paper

IN the window of Hannah’s Treasures, at 504 Court Street, Beatrice, Nebraska, the mannequin’s knickers have fallen down around her ankles.

A complaint is made. The police react. They try to contact store owner, Kevin Kramer. They want the mannequin made decent. But he cannot be reached.

So. The officers of the law paper over the window with brown paper. Some call it “flesh coloured”.

Says Kramer:

“I had a phone call Wednesday from a lady who used to work for me saying there’s paper on the windows covering up the mannequin. (The police) have to find something to do, so they go pick on the guy with the naked mannequin.”

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Turner Prize 2008 Socks It To Art Buffs

WHAT’S the Turner Prize all about then? Are Cathy Wilkes, Goshka Macuga, Mark Leckey, and Runa Islam three women and a man trying to win a prize, or are they three women and man trying not to win a prize? Their surnames are listed in Reverse alphabetical order, which might mean something.

Anorak has once again entered Vomit In Sock, our installation that grows with the times and reflects the changing diet of the modern British palate: see Vomit In Leg Warmer (1983); Vomit In Leggings (1990); and Vomit In Crocs (work in progress).

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