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Hollinwood Twins With Hollywood For The Eight Best Landmark Copies

hollin-woodALONGSIDE the M60 motorway in Oldham, sits a copy of the famous Hollywood sign, this on advertising “HOLLINWOOD”.

Barman Derek Middleton, 25, works at the Bowling Green Inn, on nearby Manchester Road, and he tell the Manchester Evening News:

“The locals have been talking about it and they all think it’s great. But it’s not really like Hollywood here. It’s a bit dreary and a bit less glamorous, and we don’t get the weather. Manchester Road is the closest we get to Sunset Strip.”

Things to look out for for any wayward tourist, there.

But he should not be so quick to presume. Anorak recalls a youthful trip to St Mark’s Square and being in the company of a girl who asked a local: “Where’s St Mark’s Square?” He said that she was standing in it. Her reply: “What? This! No, really…”

Some copies of landmarks are better then the real thing. Anorak takes a look:

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Posted: 11th, August 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comments (4)