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That’s Racist: The Outrage Of Marco Pierre White’s Knorr Advert

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THERE are times when the Guardian manages to out-Guardian even itself. The last time was over the idea that the meerkat adverts are in fact racist: something which even the readers of the paper didn’t think was a likely result. Today’s example comes in a column about an ad that Marco Pierre White did for Knorr. Basically making Jamaican chicken with peas and rice by adding a couple of stock cubes to some rice, chicken and peas.

OK, it’s a pretty dreadful version of the dish but still, this is the final verdict from The G on why this is so appalling:

Beneath the tears of laughter at the hilarity of the video was the palpable and justified anger at an attempt to disregard the expertise behind Jamaican cooking. The community’s outrage at the hot mess cobbled together by MPW as “Jamaican-style” is however not just about the misrepresentation of their culinary skills. The evident lack of respect, mingled with an intention to create a marketable product was another example of cultural appropriation for wider consumption.

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Gordon Ramsay Eats Himself

SAYS non-celebrity TV celebrity chef Marco Pierre White of panicky TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay: “If he was chocolate, he’d eat himself.”

As you can see, Ramsay unavailable for comment but if you put your ear to the picture you might hear a muffled “Fugme”.

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Marco Pierre White And Piers Morgan Serve Up A Treat

PIERS Morgan is in conversation with Marco Pierre White for GQ magazine. What follows is a self-service buffet of syrup, fat and bloated ego that reading it risks clogging the arteries.

Fortunately for you, Old Mr Anorak has arteries made of titanium and the best bits taken from the embryos of baby turtles. Dim the lights. Table for two.

Panaché of langoustines and pork belly with a purée of carrots

PM: “I’ve known Marco Pierre White for 14 years and I’ve enjoyed some extraordinary nights with him. The kinds of nights you never forget…the ones you tell your wide-eyed grandchildren…”

What did you do in the restaurant, grandpa Piers..?

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