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Marie Colvin, Nicholas Davies, Gareth Montgomery-Johnson and the journalism of attachment

PRESS TV, Iran’s English-speaking mouthpiece supported Colonel Muammar Gaddafi during the so-called Libyan spring. Now in that country, Press TV’s Nicholas Davies, a reporter, and Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, a cameraman, have been kidnapped / seized / arrested by the Misrata Brigade in Misrat. Both men are British. Why they were arrested, we do not know.

Press TV issues a statement:

Local Libyan militiamen have arrested the reporter and cameramen working for the English-language Press TV news network in the western city of Misratah. The pair, indentified as Nicholas Davies and Gareth Mongomery-Johnson, were seized along with two local residents, indentified [sic] only by their first names Muhammad and Assad, by the Misratah Brigade members on Tuesday morning, and are currently being held in custody in the Libyan capital Tripoli. 

…The incident is latest in a series of reported abuses by Libyan militiamen, who overthrew slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi after more than 41 years of despotic rule. 

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Marie Colvin mattered – good journalism shines a light to let us see

THE murder of Marie Colvin in Syria is big news. The media has time and scope to lament its own. There is no Ministry of Defence middle man to explain over a still of a fresh face how the dead soldier was a good man. The journalist speaks for herself.

Marie Colvin was killed in Homs, a city besieged by President Assad’s goons. Also killed was photographer Rémi Ochlik. Paul Conroy, a freelance photographer, Edith Bouvier, a reporter with Le Figaro, and French journalist named as William Daniel were all wounded. Three Syrians also died.

As Colvin told CNN hours before her death:

“You can sort of figure out where a sniper is. But you can’t figure out where a shell is going to land.”

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