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Mark McGowan 10,000 Prostrates Before David Cameron

MARK McGowan plans to prostrate himself 10,000 times in front of a “large photographic image of Conservative leader David Cameron on (election day) May 6th, 2010, opposite number 10 Downing Street.” (Miodrag Gidra Stojanovic is watching.)

He explains:

“The prostrations can be seen as a sign of reverence to a noble man, David Cameron, the man who can lead this country out of the problems we are in. It should take me about two-and-a-half days to complete, I will start at 10am on Thursday 6th May and finish on Saturday 8th May, by which time this country will see a new leader. Gordon Brown, the Labour party and champagne socialism is over.”

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Posted: 7th, April 2010 | In: Strange But True | Comments (3)