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Marky Mark Wahlberg’s Catholic Wedding To Rhea Durham In Pictures

key3MARKY Mark Wahlberg is now married to Rhea Durham, mother to his three children, Elly Ella, Micky Michael and Brendy Brendan.

Mark Wahlberg is not a Jew. A non-Jew called Mark –berg needs to be tough and know what he is.

Walhberg is a practising Catholic, which means he gets to marry mum in a church with his children present.

If Marky Mark should ever get divorced he can get Mel Gibson’s dad Hutton Gibson to do the ceremony and still be a good Catholic.

Mel Gibson’s dad knows how you can be a hardcore Catholic and still be divorced while living with your pregnant lover. Mel Gibson’s also knows the Holocaust is a massive exaggeration and Jews just left Europe out of choice. Mel Gibson’s dad just knows.

But this is not about Gibson. Some things aren’t. Really. Mel.. really. This is about Marky Mark. This is his day. And Pictures of his wedding are hereunder:

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