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Madeleine McCann: Martin Samuel’s Fear As A Parent Suffering From Our Maddie Sickness

HAVING heard Esther Rantzen patronise the McCanns for the independent MPs, spreading the fear and addressing Kate and Gerry McCann from the bottom of a bucket of syrup marked “FEAR”, the Mail lets Martin Samuel lose on Our Maddie and emotional exhibit Kate McCann.

In “Maddie, the heartrending dilemma”, Samuel, one of Anorak’s favourite writers, says:

There are, it is roughly estimated, as many as 180,000 missing children in the United Kingdom. According to the home Office, the number of full-time police in England and Wales is 142,000.

They are not all missing, presumed stolen. Many have gone off with parents.

You see the problem, yes? Even if we took one officer and told him his only job was to find Madeleine McCann, he would still have to take alternate Thursdays off to help investigate some other disappearance.

Well, if every missing child was thought to have been the subject of a crime, then yes. But they are not. Samuel is using the big numbers to prove a point but missing the facts.

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Journalists Paid By Number Of Paris Hilton Mentions

ARE newspapers to pay journalists by the number of comments their words receive on the web?

PETER Wilby, writing in the Guardian, considers the state of British newspapers in light of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’s telethon:

Even the Mail – perhaps reluctant to go overboard on a story broken by a Sunday in the same house – didn’t make it the splash, though it ran a front-page picture of Brand and inside, Melanie Phillips gave her usual imitation of a Victorian dowager who has overdosed on laudanum.

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