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Man Dumps Cat In Bin: CCTV Footage Of Singpore’s Mary Bale

THE Mary Bale Fan Club welcomes the mystery man who placed his cat into a bin in Singapore. A child looks on.

The man stopped his Mercedes by the James Tan Veterinary Centre (JTVC) in Singapore. He opened the large rubbish bin and put the car in it, by shacking it out of a carrier. Cameras at JTVC filmed the episode.

Says JTVC’s administration assistant Chee Siew Luan:

“We found a collar on him … We don’t know whether the cat belongs to the man or whether he was just dumping a random cat.”

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Gifs Of The Day – Torturing A Dog Can Be Fun

GIFS of The Day – is that a dog in the third Gif? Is that a dog being sent own a ramp and made to fly into a small pool of water? If so, who did it? The Mary Bale Fan Club has much to answer for…

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Royal Mail In Fear Of Pet Cat In Portsmouth: Mary Bale Delivers

MARY Bale should get a job a postman to deal with Lana – a cat who has attached Royal Mail workers in Portsmouth.

To the home of Carl and Carol White (parents to children Carla, Carly and Carole?), where the postman’s hand has been scratched.

Says Mr White:

“Our letterbox is about six inches off the ground on the front door and our cat often likes to sit behind it. The postman had put the letter through the door and for some reason Lana scratched his hand.”

No. Junk. Mail.

“She wasn’t being vicious – I think she just saw the hand and was being playful.”

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Girl Flushes Kitten Down Toilet: Alannah Merleto You Legend

MARY Bale legend of the Day is Alannah Merleto who flushed her kitten down the toilet. Whereas Bale, 45, and horrific, worthy of death threats and a criminal record for tossing live cat into a bin, Alannah, 3, is “little” and “mischievous”.

The Daily Telegraph (Aus) says the girl’s act of barbarity caused eight firemen to try and save the abused kitten. They succeeded.

“Kitty cat is back,” she said, squeezing the kitten with love as she thanked the fireman.

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Mary Bale: 4chan And Facebook Legend Fined In Court (Photos)

MARY Bale – The Legend exposed by 4Chan and shamed on Facebook for sticking Lola the cat in wheelie bin – has been at Coventry Magistrates Court. The 45-year-old admitted the charge of causing unnecessary suffering. She
was fined £250.

She must pay £15 victim surcharge and costs of £1,171.4p.

District judge Caroline Goulborn says of Bale, whose father was ill at the time:

“The media interest in this case has resulted in you being vilified in some quarters and I have taken that into account. I accept that you were in a stressful situation at the time, but that’s no excuse for what you did.”

Can 4Chan find this animal hater..?

Release the ladies! Among The Pussy People: A Short Film For Cat Lovers And Comedy Seekers

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Mary Bale And Top Cat Were Right – Cat Loves Living In Bins (Video)

MARY Bale, the Coventry cat lady, star of Mary Bale – You Legend (a Facebook group), the anti-Susan Boyle, was right.

Top Cat was right. Cats do love living in bins.

Bale might not have acted alone, as a joke or out of character – she might have answering the cat’s requests demands.

Cats are clever.


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Mary Bale You Legend: Cat Woman Sacked By Fat Cat Bankers

SPINSTER Mary Bale, 45, the Coventry cat woman and atithises to cat lady Susan Boyle, has been driven by the police to a “crisis meeting” with her employers at the Rugby bank where she works.

Mary Bale You Legend: Woman Putting Cat In Wheelie Bin In Coventry Is Facebook Hero

Crisis meeting at the now state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland must be routine. The bank has just lost 400 staff at its Direct Line insurance business at Atlantic Quay, Glasgow.

The Mail says Lola the cat was “terrified”. How do we know that? Cats have two expressions: bitchy and smug. Helpfully, Mary Bale is human-ish, and able to repress her thoughts and emotions in words:

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‘Mary Bale’ Kills Kitten In New Fox Attack

THE Summer of The Fox takes us from the Koupparis family home in Hackney, East London, to Folkstone, Kent, where a fox is eating a kitten called Reggie. For purposes of identification (it’s what Aesop would have wanted) let’s call the fox Mary Bale.

Urban Fox Hunting Is A Hoax The Tabloids Lapped Up

Leah Betts is at home: She tells the Telegraph:

“I was gobsmacked. I won’t leave my windows open at night now and it gets really stuffy, but I’m so paranoid. To think it was brave enough to come in and stand on my bed like that – I couldn’t believe it.”

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Facebook Killers Murder Three Teenagers – Mary Bale Is Protected

THREE teenagers in Colombia named on a Facebook “hit list” have been killed. The dead are 19-year-old Norbey Alexander, 16-year-old student Diego Ferney Jaramillo and 17-year-old Eibart Alejandro Ruiz Munoz.

In all, 97 named appear on the list. The others are all alive. Although a warning has been posted that all must leave Puerto Asis, in southern Colombia:

Get out of town within three days or suffer the same fate as the victims.

The note has since been blocked by Facebook.

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