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Mary Sagoe, 65, Catches Robber By His Testicles

TO Ghana, where 65-year-old Ghanaian Mary Sagoe has apprehended burglar Daniel Richard Ikechukwu by grabbing hold of his testicles. She held on until police arrived. One other robber, known as Lucky, escaped.

When police searched Ikechukwu, they found on his person: 15 live cartridges, a dagger, and a lady’s bag and belt.

The caper went something like this: the men, both Nigerian, pounced on Sophia Sagoe, who has been parked her Kia Sportage at her mother’s home. When Ms Sagoe went to pick her car which she had parked in front of the house, the villains pounced. At the point of a gun, Ms Sagoe surrendered her car keys.

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Posted: 19th, November 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment