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Matt Cardle Wants Katie Waissel Kicked Off X Factor: Photos

KATIE Waissel did not have sex with Matt Cardle in the X Factor house. This is a fact. This year’s designated hate figure did also not have sex with “fragile” Cher Lloyd, One Direction nor the smart leatherette chair that sits in the Conditoning lounge. What’s more she has never shagged stallion-like Aiden Grimhaw, the lady killer, nor Wagner, the “randy” “oddball” who really is a potential lady killer – literally.

READ: The story of the non-shag sold as an a tabloid exclusive here.

Says Cardle, the vocal Cuddle:

“That stuff about us being in bed together was absolute bullsh*t. Katie’s a fame hungry tw*t. I can’t say any more about it because nothing happened.”

Nothing happened. Got that? Nothing happened. There is no news. ‘Nuff said. Move on.

“I would never go near her. I’m not speaking to her, I don’t have anything to do with her in the house. I’ve made my feelings absolutely clear and if she doesn’t get it by now then she’s more stupid than I thought.”

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