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Daily Mail comes to rubbish Max Bygraves

MAX Bygraves is dead. Let’s see if the Daily Mail can rubbish him. The paper produces:

“The one story Max Bygraves DIDN’T want to tell you – The public adored him – and so did his wife. But behind the facade of a happy marriage lay some very troubling secrets

Now we can learn the truth. Christopher Stevens tells Mail readers that Bygraves was a bully who had a “string” of illegitimate children and kept them secret from his “suffering” wife Blossom. You can read all about it in Bygrace’s autobiography, Stars in My Eyes.

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Max Bygraves sings Under the Coconut Tree

ONCE upon a time it was ok for toothbrush botherer Max Bygraves to belt out Under the Coconut Tree in the style of an Asian man who lives in South London doing an impression of a demented black Caribbean barman. It’s 1976 and all the cool cats are swayin’ in da bweeze…

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St George’s day classic English pop YouTube playlist

It is St George’s day tomorrow – the day when England fails to celebrate its patron saint. And with good reason too, for the fella never set foot in England (he was Turkish), is also the patron saint of half the blinkin planet and is famous for slaying something that never existed anyhow.

However working on the premise that every nation needs an excuse for a piss up tomorrow night we will we be celebrating St George’s Day with three quirky English pop bands, a DJ spinning the Smiths, Beatles and Pet Shop Boys and The Guardian’s Englishness correspondent Iain Aitch. If you are in London come and join us – details here.

If not crack open a Carling and fire up our St George’s day playlist. From Max Bygraves through to The Sex Pistols via Kate Bush and Vaughan Williams – they are all here.

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