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Surprise! Max Hastings Gets It Wrong on Cyprus!

Max Hastings  - Investiture

MAX Hasting on Cyprus:

People who rob old ladies in the street, or hold up security vans, are branded as thieves. Yet when Germany presides over a heist of billions of pounds from private savers’ Cyprus bank accounts, to ‘save the euro’ for the hundredth time, this is claimed as high statesmanship.

It is nothing of the sort. The deal to secure a €10 billion German bailout of the bankrupt Mediterranean island is one of the nastiest and most immoral political acts of modern times. 

No Max.

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The War In Libya And Me: Max Hastings’ Daily Mail Histories

MAX Hasting has a few words on the war in Libya – which we won. The Daily Mail’s voice of history notes from a desk:

Colonel Gaddafi is mad, bad and hated by most of his own people. Yet unless somebody in his own entourage shoots him, or one of his family persuades him to quit, it may prove hard for the West to topple him. – March 3, 2011

The West faces a long and messy engagement in one of the world’s most sensitive regions, with consequences no one can foretell. – April 6, 2011

My own answer remains what it has been since Libya’s turmoil began early this year: very little. I have never doubted that NATO’s military support for the rebels would bring about the demise of Gaddafi. Indeed, I thought this would happen sooner than it has, because his regime and armed forces were so shambolic. – August 24, 2011

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